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October 2011 Weddings

Welcome! FAQ's, Bios and Roll Call Inside

Welcome new brides that are planning an October 2011 wedding.  We are so glad you decided to join us and please feel free to jump right in, but first things first!

Please be sure to read TK's FAQ's/Rules first and foremost:

Oct. '11 FAQ's
How to post a picture in your sig?
Upload a picture to www.photobucket.com or www.tinypic.com or any other website that hosts pictures.  Choose the Update Signature option on the left-hand column.  Choose the "EDIT MY AVATAR & SIG" link (above your profile.)
Use a code similar to this for your signature with your URL from the hosted website:

<img src*="YOUR URL HERE" width="325px" */>

Take all the * out and you can use the number to adjust the size up and down.

How to add a Bio to your sig?
Using the code below, take out the * and place the link to your bio.
<a href*="YOUR URL HERE" target="_blank"><b><br />TEXT YOU WANT*</br></b>*</a>

What are some good websites to use for my Bio?
The 2 most used websites and user-friendly are www.mywedding.com  and www.weebly.com

Now for the fun part: join in!  Feel free to join in our daily/weekly threads , make a Bio and/or ask questions.  Also, please feel free to PM me if any concerns, questions,  suggestions, etc. arise.  =)

Re: Welcome! FAQ's, Bios and Roll Call Inside

  • future-mrsfuture-mrs member
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    October 2011 Brides' Bios and Roll Call

    October 1

    *KelleyLR: Kelley & Waylon
    *JenS711: Jen & Joe-Link to Bio
    *n07wilson: Natalie & Justin
    *kristinjohnson: Kristin & Michael
    *hbatchel2: Heather & Nick-Link to Bio
    *brettandlauren: Lauren & Brett
    *JRae0501: Jodi & Shawn
    *tayylor65: Taylor & Philip
    *cahmm: Heather & Casey-Link to Bio
    *Misspriss6346: Ashley & Robert
    *shubootie: Lori & Mark
    *Ashtey: Ashley & Tony
    *lmvascon: Lynne & Craig
    *lynettas720: Lynetta & Bill
    *HarvestKarma: Amanda & Jeff-Link to Bio
    *kmwingluvr: Krista and Terrell
    *jennyb26Wed199233: Jenny & Steve
    *eezimmer: Emily & Chris
    *Amy0817: Amy & Ryan
    *gower2be: Sarah & Nick
    -Link to Bio
    *cheechgirl88: Chelsea & Curtis
    *ajferree: Amanda & James

    *aprilfresh11: April & Philip
    *Mrs.Holz: Chrystalle & Hector
    -Link to Bio
    Link to Bio
    snwinschel: Stephanie & David-Link to Bio
    *aellis1784: Allison & Chris
    *Jookie77: Jamie & Kevin
    *totustuus11: Lauren & Jose
    *chelseaallison84: Chelsea & Ron-Link to Bio
    *jessicasheldon2011: Jessica & Sheldon-Link to Bio
    *emyinpink: Emily & Nick
    *Monimarie11: Monica & Dustin
    *mermaidutp: Sean & Graham
    *coralee715: Cora & Monty-Link to Bio
    *hamiltks10: Kristen & Mike-Link to Bio
    *wheresmypopcorn: Larissa & Devon-Link to Bio
    *collins917: Lindsey & Steve
    *InkedMegs: Megan & Harry

    October 2
    *erollis: Mary & Alan
    -Link to Bio
    *ginamarie3: Gina & Dale
    *Sarahtobeengaged: Sarah & Edward
    *marielylouie: Mariely & Hector
    *babblingbrookey: Brooke & Matt
    *aatkinson982: Ashley & Eric
    *daciadanae: Dacia & John

    October 5
    *CilH31: Priscilla & Cesar

    October 7
    *littlepixie2105: Jaclyn and Tad-Link to Bio
    *BUTTERFLY KISSEZ: Laura & Matt-Link to Bio
    *camichael84: Christina & David
    *LiaAli: Lia & Rocky-Link to Bio
    *TexanTreasure08: Angela & Daniel-
    Link to Bio
    *.twist.: Sheena & Simon-
    Link to Bio

    October 8
    Kristy & Don-Link to Bio
    *katiejo86: Katie & Tyler
    *deeegoalie: Denise & David
    *TwinsRib: Tesi & Tranell-Link to Bio
    *krystlelynn212: Krystle & Justin
    *kfilemyr: Kat & Dan
    *FutureMrsHuddleston: Bess & Steve-Link to Bio
    *nsmd915: Steph & Kenny
    *kellybleu: Kelly & Matt
    *ashjed26: Ashlie & Jed-Link to Bio
    *polleypocket: Amanda & Mal

    *beckster5551: Becky & Gerald
    *sil222: Sil & Paul
    *danes22: Dana & Max
    *rizzlig: Liz & Wes-Link to Bio
    *ali79ger: Alison & Todd
    *michelelt: Michele & Mike
    *Durham1008: Kate & Mike

    *balymullen: Liz & Rich
    *CA2MT4EveR: Angela & Justin
    *tander1: Tammie & John
    *leighhowl: Laura & Eric
    *LisaB26541: Lisa & Kosta
    *JoanneBL: Joanne & Brad
    *heathernclint: Heather & Clint
    *mafair: Melissa & Jonathan
    *tander1: Tammie & John
    *cashmerekisses: Misty & Ryan-Link to Bio
    *AshMac11: Ashley & Mike
    *racheltxstate: Rachel & Ryan
    *Jurbs920: Jessica & Tony-Link to Bio
    *chantelcutie7: Chantel & Patrick
    *AwayWeGo08: Cat & Chris
    *aettinge: Amanda & Tony
    *missfarar: Kimberly & Hanz
    *KateJ10: Katy & Thomas-Link to Bio
    *probablykate: Kate & Adam
    *ToBeMrs2011: Alison & Nick
    *michgreene: Michelle & Paul
    *cathalena321: Cathy & Chris
    *lclicious: LC & Dave
    *kalizoomba: Tiffany & Alex-
    Link to Bio
    *emilyv2008: Emily & Jon

    *JessicaB85: Jessica & Tony
    *RNred05: Tiffany & Shane
    *kt8301: Katherine & Bob

    October 9
    *Nattie24: Natalie & Scott-Link to Bio
    : Mickey & Colin-Link to Bio
    *clevernapkins: Lisa & Chris
    *JKChristie: Kristen & Josh
    *LoveKiss: Danielle & Josh

    October 12
    randapedigo: Miranda & Glenn

    October 13
    *kyriealaisa: Kyrie & Chad

    *crescent13: Charlotte & Chris

    October 14
    *KevinMegan1008: Megan & Kevin-Link to Bio
    *oma11ey: Aimee & Brad
    *aschmidtboston: Amanda & Peter

    October 15
    : Steph & Jake-Link to Bio
    *latina4029: Ana & David
    *saorisenyl: Cheryl & Nick
    *ACole181: Ashley & Ryan
    *Mel_23: Mel & Dennis-Link to Bio
    *purpledancingbride: Becca & Rick
    *Scarlet Starlet 31: Sam & Tony
    *BKB0222: Brittanny & Bryce
    *Wmb0124: Whitney & Chris-Link to Bio
    *nlfeguer: Nikki & Sean
    *futuredaniel10: Kayla & Joey-Link to Bio
    *BoniTravi: Bonnie & Travis-Link to Bio
    *heidilynn43: Heidi & Wesley-Link to Bio
    *jpsnickel: Jennifer & Mike
    *mareah2: Maria & Nick
    *ladyd522: Diana & Mark
    *cmmosley81: Christine & Lester
    *smckinno: Sarah & Jeff-Link to Bio
    *kristenrozema: Kristen & Brad-Link to Bio
    *detbxoxo: Danielle & Justin-Link to Bio
    **alliemae*: Allie & Steve-Link to Bio
    *ashhorton27: Ashley & Tom
    *Kellie126: Kellie & Kurt
    *KathyC65: Kathy & Gary
    *plumlilac: Becky & Scott
    *tonyscutieest09: Rachel & Tony
    *millynissy: Lauren & Joe-Link to Bio
    *CatMac911: Cathryn & Jared
    *miss67c: Claudia & Erick-Link to Bio
    *kitkat88: Nicole & Kurt
    *jaclyn&dave: Jaclyn & Dave
    *dandan83: Danielle & Eric
    *samc86: Samantha & Kyle
    *pna62385: Nichole & CC
    *sksjae: Sarah & James-Link to Bio
    *Rebecca811: Rebecca & Trent-
    Link to Bio
    *toltols: Colleen & Evan

    October 16

    JessBrodrick: Jessica & Luis

    October 21
    *ahartman123: Ashley & Dan

    *mcgoveer: Erin & Mike
    *PocketOSunshine: Jamie & Wesley
    *meganh23: Megan & Jesse
    *tfreeman83: Tamara & Contrell
    *tsteger: Tara & Matt
    *soon 2 be Mrs Johnson: Stacie & Dennis

    October 22
    *shainarae714: Shaina & Nick
    *nmfriend2006: Nichole & Donald-Link to Bio
    *away2la: Anne & Travis
    *marshallstreetred: Raychel & Zack
    *Sparkles03: Elizabeth & Jonathan-Link to Bio
    *musicwedding: Sarah & Josh
    *mkgrover: Mollie & Jeff
    *Kristine0622: Kristine & Jeremy
    *Vickytoria1803: Victoria & Jeff
    *irisheyezfsu: Kristin & Dan-Link to Bio & This One
    *EasyAsh1220: Ashleigh & Lee
    *cmp1986: Christina & Jeff
    *meganiobe: Megan & Gary-Link to Bio
    *sstyczyn: Savannah & Donnie
    *rachpass: Rachel & Leo
    *FutureMrsHusted: Shelby & Luke
    *FallSavannahBride: Cheryl & Travis
    *bride2betdr: Tara & Chris
    *wschuckers: Wendy & Jason
    *heath1026: Heather & Eugene-Link to Bio
    *dawnkathleen: Dawn & James-Link to Bio
    *newtonan: Nikki & Matt
    *cab384: Christine & Pat
    *MichelleandCory: Michelle & Cory
    *hjay07: Heather & Zach
    *EsquireJL: Justina & Sam-Link to Bio
    *lilbigred4x4: Jennifer & Tray
    *Miracle520: Amanda & Matthew-Link to Bio

    October 23
    *Amber598: Amber & JD
    *Queen Jane: Laura & Mario-Link to Bio

    October 26
    *Lisah76: Lisa & Dave

    October 28
    *shannon1787: Shannon & Tim
    *malinche: Angelita & Randall
    *MrsRoo1218: Danielle & Kevin

    October 29
    *MelanieK2011: Melanie & Kevin
    *Meaghann17: Meaghann & Paul
    *JB26368: Jen & Kevin
    *pnutkitten: Brittany & Danny-
    Link to Bio
    *stella9118: Theresa & Mike
    *LAURENFOLEY: Lauren & Brad
    *eholstia: Elizabeth & Brian
    *kat22885: Kelly & Geoff
    *scamberlous3000: Amber & Will
    *aligross: Annie & Grant-Link to Bio
    *leapinglissy: Melissa & Corey

    October 30

    *ajpufky: Amanda & Jeremy

    October 31
    *marysbaby: Mary & Steve
  • future-mrsfuture-mrs member
    Sixth Anniversary 2500 Comments
    edited July 2010
    A little bit of Wedding Etiquette, brought to you by your experienced brides on TK!  ;-)

    1) Relax and enjoy.  You do not have to jump right into wedding planning!  Have fun with being engaged and when people ask you when the wedding is, just tell them you're discussing things, but aren't in any rush.

    2) When you do begin to plan, decide on a budget.  This is not the time to start asking parents for money, rather, how much money are you and your FI comfortable with saving/spending?  How long will it take you to save it up?

    3) It's wonderful if parents say they will contribute (once again, do not ASK, they must offer on their own) HOWEVER, know the exact amount, and what they will pay for.  Also, remember the phrase "Don't count your chickens before they hatch" Until you have cash in hand, don't bet on it being there.

    4) Do not throw your own parties.  They aren't needed, they aren't necessary and frankly, not everyone and their brother wants to do a years worth of parties just to celebrate you and your FI.  If family or friends offer, that's great, but they aren't needed and your marriage will still be valid if you don't have one.

    5) In the excitement of getting engaged, don't rush into sending STD's, asking bridal party members, because in the next year (or more) things in your life may change-- and drastically-- so that you may not be able to have people in the wedding. 

    6) When you do get a bridal party, do not give them lists of duties, or expect them to be there at your beck and call.  They are not your servants, they are your friends, even when you're getting married.

    7) Be open to accepting some criticisms, and don't blow everything out of proportion.  It's a special day, yes, but it's just one day and it will not change the rest of your life.

    Most importantly, don't forget WHY you're getting married.  To spend your life with the person you love.  Don't forget that. 

    Miss. Manners' Top 5 Gentle Wedding Reminders

    1) When you had that childhood wedding fantasy, you were a child. If you don't have better taste and a greater sense of social and fiscal responsibility now, you're too immature to get married.

    2) People are more important than menus. Figure out first whom you want to have there, and then what you can afford to serve them, not the other way around.

    3) A phrase you will be happier if you forget: "the perfect wedding." Perfection does not exist this side of heaven, especially when it involves complicated arrangements and all kinds of other people, and you'll drive yourself and others crazy if you think you can achieve it.

    4) Another phrase you will be happier forgetting: "It's your day." The joining of two people involves two (or more) families and other relatives and friends, and you ignore their feelings and comfort at your peril.

    5) Your guests are not your personal shoppers.

  • Please be courteous to your fellow board members and moderators of TK when it comes to typing your responses, etc.

    Being a mod on 3 boards takes a lot of time.  We all volunteer here, we don't get paid.  When we have to zip through several posts every day and read to make sure no one is spamming, advertising, being outright rude, etc. it makes our jobs 10x easier if there is an attempt to spell things correctly, capitalize and make paragraphs.

    It really takes no more effort when typing responses to click enter a few times and TK has made it easy to click the spell check at the bottom.  This is a courtesy to all the mods on TK that moderate and to your fellow board members.  It just makes it easier to read, plain and simple.  Which makes things run smoother and everyone able to respond better.

    I would greatly appreciate it and I know most of the girls on here will also.  Thank you!
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