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Should MOH match BM?

My MOH will be wearing a different color from the BM's (MOH = blue jay, BM's = navy).  Should the BM wear blue jay if the GM's will be wearing navy? Would it look funny if the MOH & BM didn't match or would it be perfectly fine to let the BM & GM all wear navy?

Re: Should MOH match BM?

  • I think it will be fine.
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  • I think it's perfectly acceptable to have MOH in a different color!  You've given her a special place of honor, so it makes plenty of sense to set her apart in some way.  I think color is a great way to do that!
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  • I think its fine especially since they are all a variance of blue
  • Doesn't matter. Ask your FI what he thinks.

    I personally would not have the groomsmen wear a light-colored or bright vest ... so if Blue Jay isn't a somewhat neutral color (like I consider navy to be), I'd keep the Best Man in navy in that case. But I don't like matching the groomsmen to the bridesmaids in the first place - I prefer to see them in neutral colors, and use ties, pocket squares or boutonnieres to bring in the color.

  • These folks did different colors - from google.  Go with it, it'll be fine :)

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  • I would ask your MOH what she would prefer.  I asked my MOH and she said she would rather blend in because there are only 2 other BM and 2 JR bridesmaids.  She said if there were like 8 BM, she would like to stand out, but with a smaller group she wanted to blend in.  Everyone will know how important she is anyway :)
  • I dont see why it would be a problem. Especially if she feels comfortable in her dress. I asked my MOH if she wanted to wear a different dress/color than everyone else, she didnt care.
  • No no, my MOH is the one that decided she wanted to stand out by being in a blue jay dress instead of the navy but my question is if the Best Man should also wear a blue jay vest & tie or if it would look ok for him to wear a navy vest & tie to match the GM's.  My MOH has already purchased her dress, so there's no going back on that part.
  • I think it is a personal choice and either way is fine.
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