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Rhode Island

Bachelorette party locations/ideas

Looking for help!!  My MOH just starting asking me about ideas & locations I would be interested in for my bachelorette party.  I am not into bar hopping or clubs, or that type of scene.  Any ideas??  I'm thinking more low key like dinner, spa, house party...somewhere in RI.

TIA for your help!

Re: Bachelorette party locations/ideas

  • kathanddavekathanddave member
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    I am on the same page as you, low key.  I was asked the same question and I told my friends I would love to go to the Hyatt Spa in Newport for they have done an incredible job with their renovations.  I just want my bridal party at the spa day and then open up the early evening with a cookout on the beach with all my girlfriends.  Very low key.

  • AmyRIAmyRI member
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    My girls took me to Zooma on Federal Hill for dinner, then to The Melting Pot for dessert. Despite being a Thursday night, there was a partial waterfire that night so we walked around Waterplace Park in Providence for a while. We spent the rest of the night at Ri Ra, where they had a live band so it was more of a casual thing and not a dance club. It was very low-key, but a lot of fun.
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    Some bachelorette parties I've been a part of that have avoided bars and clubs were:
    -Dinner followed by a pole dancing class.
    -Sex toy & dessert party.
    -Going to a lingerae store where the girls attending bought the bride something and then went out to dinner.
    -Old fashioned sleepover with lots of fun food and movies.
    -Depending on timing and interest you could go see the Sex in the City movie when it comes out and combine that with dinner or drinks. 

    Good luck!

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  • caralinda1985caralinda1985 member
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    My Bachelorette party is in June.  I've given my sister who's the MOH some ideas. 

    I suggested having a Henna tattoo artist come to my house and do a little design for all the girls.  I also suggested having someone come to my house to teach a belly dancing class.  Then going out to dinner. 

    I'm having a larger group of girls, anywhere between 15-20 so it comes out to be really cheap once you break it down and its something unique.
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    My suggestion would be to get a party bus and do a wine tour of Greenvale, Sakonnet, and Newport Vineyards before heading over to the Hyatt Spa in Newport.  That would be my ideal bachelorette party - wine and massages!
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