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When should I have the Reception

I would love some advice on a good reception time.
The ceremony is at 1:00 at Mandalay Bay Valley of the Falls
With 1 hour of photography afterwards.
The reception is at the Vista Suite at mandalay bay, it is somewhat of a cocktail reception.
I was planning on having the reception around 2:30 or 3:00, but I am now afraid that people will have nothing to do till the reception.

Re: When should I have the Reception

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    Are you renting the Vista suite the night before your wedding as well? Otherwise you may not be able to get into the suite before 3.. let alone have time to set up, etc. As far as worrying that your guests won't have anything to do for a few hours - I say don't worry! It's Vegas! There is lots for them to see just at the Mandalay alone. Are you having a dinner or more of a cocktail thing? If it were me, I would say cocktails at 5 and dinner at 6 to make it more of an evening thing but that is just my preference. I'm sure others who have had their reception in the Vista Suite will have good advice :)
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    I agree with Vegas101010. It's impossible to get board in Vegas, I would say either do it about an hour and a half after the ceremony and make it more of lunch thing or have everyone come up in the evening around 5 or 6. I personally like the idea of later in the evening so people can relax, change clothes if they want, grab a late lunch after the ceremony and "do Vegas" before the reception.

    It's totally up to you.
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    We are staying in the vista Suite the night before. Its more of a light reception. There will be some food but not enough for a complete meal
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