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Fergie on Oprah

Did anyone see this?

She's incredible!  So much self-loathing and lack of shame.  I was cringing the entire hour.


I didn't realize she was such a basketcase and SO TACKY.

Re: Fergie on Oprah

  • No I didn't see that. Wonder what's wrong with her? I think she is in serious debt, right?
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  • She has obvious self-esteem issues and has had Dr. Phil, Oprah, Suze Orman, etc. interview her.  She comes across as extremely needy and starved for approval (something she admits to) and is uncomfortable to watch.

  • Isn't she getting a show on Oprahs network?
  • In Response to Re: Fergie on Oprah:
    [QUOTE]Isn't she getting a show on Oprahs network?
    Posted by smilygrl17[/QUOTE]

    Yes, she is.  And it's going to be painful.
    I'm fine with "Thanks for changing my life, Opes!" sort of storylines, I don't begrudge people having their life-changing experiences sprung form the waters of Oprah. 
    What I don't like is this woman having numerous episodes about how she SO BADLY wants to change only to debate the experts she is seeking out to just stay the same.
    She's addicted to attention and it's terrible.  
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