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Have any of you bought invites at Michaels? I found some that I really like but am worried about the printing yourself part. Are they user friendly and easy to figure out?

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Re: Invites from Michaels

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    I used one of the "Brides" brand of kits from Michaels and didn't have any problems.  The directions in the kit should give you a website that you can go to and download a template to correspond to the invitation.  It was super easy this way. 
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  • I did, and I am printing them tonight if I can get home from work at a decent hour. We got white ones and are printing them in purple ink, and replacing the white ribbon with a green one. Ours are the BRIDES brand as well.
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  • I've gotten about 4 or 5 in the mail that friends did that way in just the last year.  Go for it.  Unless you have a really odd printer, it should do just fine printing them. 

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  • We used the Brides invites as well. We set up all the wording ourselves and put it on a flash drive...took to a local printer who printed everything for only $80 since we had everything set up already. If you can find a local printer with a reasonable rate, go that route. My cousin printed her own but it's tedious work.

    I bought the style WS213 Black & White- It has a nice black print on top, and comes with a white bow to tie on.

    I went to print the invitations and the font came out blurry/smudged.  I tried everything to make it work.  I changed the color, the font style, the printing options, but NOTHING I did, worked.  The sample turned out well, but the actual cards did not.  I have a brand new printer so that was not the problem either.  I tried ALL printing companies and all refused to try to print them because they think there is an invisible laminate on the card, from when they put the black pattern on, which makes the ink blurry/smudged.  I had to order new invitations, but this time I did it from a company.  I have now spent over $200, when I originally hoped to only spend $100.

    Please be careful of these invitations, and warn your friends. 
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