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November 2010 Weddings

Change the date or change the dress??

Ok ladies, (deep breath)
I took the pregnancy test and....We're going to have a baby!!  Yay!  Now, we have one small problem...we weren't TTC and didn't plan on TTC until October(could be easily hidden). ANyways, now I am faced with having to try and rush everything to be done in the next month and reschedule the wedding for July....or changing my dress.  What do you ladies think I should do?  FI doesn't care either way...so he's not much help! He's just excited about us having a baby!!

Re: Change the date or change the dress??

  • Congratulations!  I don't think it would matter either way for what to change -- it's your preference!
  • BiMWaTBiMWaT
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    OMG CONGRATULATIONS!!!! That's SO exciting!! I have no idea what you should do, this post just made me really happy :)
  • Yayyy - I have total baby fever so this made me smile pretty big :)  Congrats and I think its totally your preference.  Is the dress you chose your "dream dress"? would you be upset changing your dress?  Would you feasibly be able to move the wedding up without pulling your hair out?  Just do what's best for you, and IF you do the July wedding you'll have to come back and share pics with us :)
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  • Congratulations!

    I think it's totally up to you.  Are you okay with changing the dress?  Or would you rather wait until after the baby to get married?  It's a decision that only you and FI can make.

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  • Congratulations!!  Can I ask one silly question - what's TTC?
  • Congrats!  Is it possible to move up the date and keep the dress?
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  • Butters- Trying to Conceive =)

    Congratulations Call! Yeah that's totally up to you. If I were in your shoes I'd postpone the wedding date, but that's just me. I think Steph brought up a good point, is that dress your dream dress?
  • CONGRATS! That's SO exciting! I don't have much to contribute to help with your decision. But just wanted to wish you two the best!

  • My dress is "the dress", but now I'm kind of like, as long as I am married to the man I love, what difference does the dress make? In the same boat, I'm thinking, what difference does it make when the date is...as long as we are together!  LOL....geez!  I am so indecisive.  I may actually pull my hair out if I have to have this together before September...my BM's just ordered their dresses, and only 2 have come in.  I couldn't imagine them ordering and then them not wearing them...

    I am leaning more towards the changing the dress thing...I think it's more fair to my 9 BM's...

    Here's what I have found, I think these look "close" enough to each other...opinions?  First is my original dress, the others are the "maternity" options...

  • If you love your dress so much, would you consider post-poning until after you have the baby?  That way you and your BM still get to wear the dresses you order and you are not out any money on your dress.
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  • Congratulations! Do you have any idea how far along you are? I would be concerned about moving up wedding and not feeling well during the super hectic planning you would have to do and on the wedding day itself. I believe you have other children so how did you do during your other pregnancies. I guess another thing to consider would be whether you already have deposits paid which you could not get back. I'm thinking if it was me I would probably keep my wedding as planned. Good luck!

  • CONGRATS!  I think it's up to you completely on the decision...

    Do you have a lot of guests traveling from OOT? If so, it might be hard for them to change schedules last minute? Do you mind being 6 months pregnant at the wedding? Will anyone else care? (not that it really matters, but it might affect your decision.)

    Like PP said- is your current dress your DREAM dress?  Can you afford to buy a new one?

    Either way, stick around with us on the November board :)  Even if you change your date, we'll still let you hang out with us!
  • YAY!! Was that your KPS?? (don't answer if you don't want to)

     How far along are you?

    I'm so happy for you. I think you can go either way, whatever works best for you and your family. I know that if I was showing before my wedding, my family might not care, but I could lose my job.

    To me, moving the wedding up makes it look like your pregnancy is a mistake instead of a surprise. To me, it makes you look ashamed instead of celebratory, and only calls attention to the fact that the pregnancy was not planned. I think you could gracefully pull off being pregnant at your wedding.

    There was a girl on the new Gown show on TLC, or We or whatever it is, that was in the same situation and she made it work beautifully, not really hiding the pregnancy, but not calling attention to it either.
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  • BiMWaTBiMWaT
    What's KPS?
  • CONGRATULATIONS!!! How exciting!  I don't have much to contribute that is different from the other posts, but I love the first maternity dress you have posted up.  Just my opinion.  You'll look lovely in anything you wear!!
  • Sarah~I'd answer you...but Im afraid I don't know what KPS is...lol.

    I'm going with changing the dress.  We may have a private ceremony for just us and his parents and my grandparents, then we will have the regular wedding(although a church is definately out now...) and reception.  CAN'T Wait!!
  • KPS is Knot PostSecret. There was a secret on there a week or so ago that said that the person was 6 months away from the wedding and may be PG. I was just curious as to who it was, and assumed it was someone here, but maybe not. AND its none of my business anyway.
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  • aww congratulations!!!!! good luck with everything!!
  • SOrry~Not the KPS...I just found out this weekend!
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