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New Hampshire

floral dissapointment :(

So I just got a call from our florist saying we hit a bump in the road, boo. She said the peonies for the bouquets and centerpieces were in poor quality and said they weren't going to happen. This only makes me really sad because they are my favorite flower and I just love how they look. She reassured me that garden roses have the same effect, which I am sure the bouquet will be beautiful, I am just going to miss the peonies...

Re: floral dissapointment :(

  • Kfudge0714Kfudge0714 member
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    aaww that's too bad! But look on the bright side at least the florist isn't putting flowers of poor quality in your bouquets! She could have been shady and put them in anyways because she did pay for them regardless =)
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    I would be disappointed too since peonies are also my favorite flower and I've essentially planned our wedding around them BUT garden roses are beauitful and definitely have the same effect.   Kudos to your florist for being upfront and striving to provide only quality flowers.
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    Aww...that is disappointing, but as PP said, at least she was honest and didn't put poor quality flowers in your bouquet. Don't worry! I am sure it will still be beautiful! :)
  • mariegramariegra member
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    So sorry....I am sure the roses will be beautiful too!
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    I would be disappointed, too, but I would appreciate the honesty, also.  I had a friend whose florist did give her what she wanted, but included some half-dying flowers, full-well knowing that they looked pretty bad.  I'd MUCH rather substitute for something healthy and lush.  Garden roses are a GREAT option! I'm sure it will be beautiful!!
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    I ran into something similar with my centerpieces, except my flower was ranunculus.  The florist was able to obtain a lot of small ones, but nothing like I had envisioned.  He supplemented with other flowers, and truly, it was fine.  My husband ended up getting me a bouquet a few weeks later and made sure it had plenty of ranunculus in it.  ;-)

    Sorry you have to go through this, too.  I'm sure everything will still be lovely!
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  • DrPB2b13DrPB2b13 member
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    I'm so sorry to hear that!  Peonies are some of my favorites, but they just don't work out at all with my own floral vision.  I'm sure your arrangements will be gorgeous though, and I bet on the day of you won't even be missing them.  And it's always nice to be reassured ahead of time that your vendors are looking out for you and only want to give you the best!
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    Thanks everyone for the support, I am glad she was honest and glad she came up with a good back up plan, I knew they were a spring flower anyways, but initally when we talked she said she would have no problems getting them and so I invisioned my whole wedding around them, however I know you can't control the weather and growing season, and my cake vendor called me an hour later to say the exact same thing! That peonies werent going to be on the cake, which really states what good vendors I have, and puts me to rest that its not just my florist, its really just the end of the season. I will def pip of my wedding and flowers! I am sure it will look just as beautiful!
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