Alteration costs...

 How much should I expect to spend on alterations ? I know Im getting a french bussle and some kind of Bra built into the dress ? And then the usual hem and taking the dress in .... Im just curious about figures .

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    It honestly depends on your dress... how complicated it is to alter, how much has to be taken apart, etc.  But I would expect a couple hundred.
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    Like RA said, it really depends on your dress. I had only budgeted about $150 because I figured all I would need was a hem, and it turns out that because my dress has about 8 layers, the hem alone is around $300!! I had no idea my dress had so many layers, lol. And I'm using Nilah in Drexel Hill, who was highly reccommended on this board and was one of the more reasonably priced options. So it really does depend on your dress. Good luck!
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