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To STD or not to STD??

I had planned on not sending out STD bc I don't really think they're all that necessary, and with my budget I just figured it was an added expense that we don't really have to have.  FMIL and FFIL really want us to send them.  They are afraid people from their side will forget or won't know about the wedding (to me this is an indication that they are insisting on inviting too many people.  I pushed for a small wedding with just immediate family, who would never 'forget' about the wedding, but FIL's convinced FI that he HAS to have high school teachers, friends he hasn't seen since middle school, etc... anyway, that's another story).  Since emails are free, I suggested that we create a STD email and send that to anyone who might need a friendly reminder.  FIL's weren't convinced this would be enough of a reminder, but tentatively agreed.  Now they expect me to design an email in my free time and send it to all their relatives/friends/random people.  I don't have a computer at home!  I kind of feel like this isn't my responsibility since it will only be sent to people I don't know or have only met once.  Would I be out of line to ask FMIL to do it?

Re: To STD or not to STD??

  • Do you care what it looks like? If not, then yes, have your FMIL do it or find somebody that you can hire to do it. If you care, I would not advise having her do it as it may cause more drama if you do not like what she does. GL

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  • Personally I would not ask my FMIL or my mom to do anything wedding related it creates room for too much drama.  It sounds like you need to work out your guest list first before sending anything, you don't want someone who you don't want to invite get an STD but not an inviation to the wedding that would very bad. STD's are so cheap now that it's really easy to make them and send them. Check out vistaprint.com all you have to do is fill out the information and they have designs for you to choose from.
  • I would go the vistaprint route, they have the postcard designs there for you and you just type in what you want it to say.  They are free, just the $6 shipping.  Maybe your FMIL can help with the addressing of the cards?  Designing an email would take more time for me than the Vistaprint route. I think if she doesn't mind, just depends on how anal you are, if you don't care how it looks, then let her do it. It will all work out.
  • Thanks for the advice!  I will definitely check out Vistaprint :)
  • i just went to vistaprint.com and they don't have the free post cards anymore :(
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