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Getting in Shape

Eating for your blood type

I tried doing a search and couldn't find any other posts on this, so I apologize if it has been asked before.

Do any of you know anything about the eating right for your blood type?  I was just wondering if anyone had ever tried it or had an opinion on it?  Thanks!
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Re: Eating for your blood type

  • Disclaimer: to say I'm skeptical of holistic medicine, is a bit of understatment. Also, I looked this up and it really angered me because I studied in the biological sciences in undergrad and it really annoys me when people use mumbo-jumbo to try to sell products, and this smacks a lot like B.S. to me, but anyhow...

    Just from  my own experience, I highly doubt diets based just on different blood types are much better than ones that aren't. My parents have the same blood type (so therefore my siblings and I all do too) and our metabolisms are enitrely different.

    I'm also a bit skeptical of the founder's C.V. You do know that he's an N.D., not an M.D., right?Also, just because a journal sounds scientific, doesn't mean it is, anyone can start and publish/edit a journal.  Also, under awards, he lists that he was Naturopathic Physician of year twenty years ago, and that he got his black belt certification twice. If I was trying to convince the world of my scientific merit, I wouldn't list my karate participation.

    Finally, I looked up my bloodtype and the description had so much fluff; I'm especially skeptical of people/sites that give very little actual science but use just enough jargon to promote products they sell (like the dietary supplements)

    It also said "Aspects of the Type O profile remain essential in every society even to this day – leadership, extroversion, energy and focus are among their best traits," which just seemed more like a horoscope than a medical opinion to me. One thing I do know about myself is that I've never been extroverted and have to work really hard at my leadership skills.

    And end rant :)
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    Haha well thanks for your opinion!  Its nice to hear the pros and cons of it! :-)
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  • I completely agree with sister. And I even agree with many holistic medicine foundations (the doctor I see is both a naturopath and an MD). It's definitely lots of "sciency mumbo-jumbo" without detailed sources. Also, the number of foods that are cut out of each program will likely cause vitamin/nutrient deficiencies as well.

    As someone with a food "allergy" (celiacs), I do recommend considering an elimination diet if you have gastro issues, etc. There are definitely more food allergies than "traditional medicine" typically catches, which can have numerous effects on the body (hindering weight loss is one of them).
  • I wouldn't know what my blood type is and after several tries of donating I can't donate so I don't know my type.  My veins are too small and deep darn my Norweigian heritage!  (It's common on my dad side and he and his siblings are 75% Norweigian and 25% German)

    It does sound interesting!
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  • It's been a while since I read about the blood type diet, so I don't have solid stats to back up my info.  But, if I remember correctly, it's just another diet, like atkins or SB or WW. 

    Eating healthier foods and exercising will be far easier to sustain as a lifestyle than any diet.  If you're following a plan that you can't imagine following for the rest of your life (any diet that involves eliminating specific food groups, for example), you will more than likely gain back any weight lost once you start eating 'normally' again. 
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  • I've tried it.  It didn't work.  Essentially they just have you eating healthier, which would help anyone lose weight really.  Don't waste your money on the book like I did, it's not worth it. 

    It's fairly restrictive in what you can eat and I don't personally think that the statements they make about a blood type can be applied to every person with that blood type.

    I needed a lifestyle change instead of a diet.  To me I would never have been able to keep that diet up for the rest of my life.  And I'm sure the eating better helped the Victoria's Secret models get in better shape but let's be honest, they're models.  They have people paying for them to go to the gym and look good, I'd take it with a grain of salt.
  • Thanks for your opinions everyone! :-)  And yea, I know they are models...I know I will never look like that unless I had some personal trainers helping me eat and exercise! :-D
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  • Hey girl,

    Are you trying anything like Myfitnesspal.com or something like to just keep track of what you are eating?

  • In Response to Re: Eating for your blood type:
    [QUOTE]Hey girl, Are you trying anything like Myfitnesspal.com or something like to just keep track of what you are eating?
    Posted by DFWIndian[/QUOTE]

    Yea I am using the daily plate.  I just saw this and thought it was interesting and wanted to see what people thought about it.

    My other problem is just that I am so tired all the time.  Even when I get enough sleep.  So something in my diet is not right! :-)
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  • Maybe you are lacking Iron. I have had problems with being anemic ever since I had mono. I would talk to your doctor about feeling tired. They will be able to help pinpoint what may be wrong.
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  • In Response to Re: Eating for your blood type:
    [QUOTE]My other problem is just that I am so tired all the time.  Even when I get enough sleep.  So something in my diet is not right! :-)
    Posted by sparklingdiamond[/QUOTE]

    If this is the case, I highly highly recommend seeing either a nutritionist, or a doctor who specializes in nutrition. One of my celiacs symptoms was fatigue, of course, I never thought it was actually related to my food, I just thought I was tired!
    You may have a specific food allergy or intolerance that's throwing things off. "Clean eating" can also do wonders.
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