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Two questions

Hi ladies,

Sorry these are two random questions

1. I'm starting to pick BM dresses, but am running into a problem.  One of my BM's is a size 30 and one of them is like a size 6 or 8, obiviously one dress is going to look totally different on both of them.  To not offend anyone I'm trying to find at least one dress that comes in the larger size, then let everyone else work with that.  Can I have more than one dress?  Give everyone a choice of 2 or 3 maybe one with thick straps and one strapless?  Is that tacky? 
I guess I'm just concerned that it's going to look silly with everyone in the same dress but different sizes, is this a common problem?

2. I didn't buy my veil when I got my dress, not sure if that was bad.  The one veil I did fall absolutely in love with was $500!  Unfort I don't have anywhere near that kind of money just for the veil.  Do you know of anywhere I might be able to get one for a more reasonable price?  Is it really expensive to have a custom veil made?

Thank you!

Re: Two questions

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    1) You can definitely do different dresses in the same color, I considered this for the exact same reason that you mentioned. Then I found a dress that all my girls loved/felt comfortable with that went up to a size 28. I decided to go with that instead. However, I have been to a wedding where the BMs wore different dresses in the same color/fabric and it looked really nice. I know David's Bridal has a lot of options in terms of size/style that are part of the same color family. I used the Dessy Group and they also have lots of options in the same color.

    2) Maybe try, there are a lot of sellers on there that can make custom veils you may find one that you like in your price range.
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    I gave my girls a choice between 3 shades of blue and they can choose whichever dress they want, providing that it's at least knee length (my wedding is outside in July, I don't want them to swelter). I've been to weddings where each girl had a different dress on, and weddings where each girl had a different color within a scheme and I always thought it was a beautiful way to make each girl feel comfortable. Afterall, they're going to have their photos taken a lot and who wants to make their friends/family uncomfortable in photos?
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    1 - different dresses are totally ok.  My MOH was a brand new mom (10 week old baby) and one of my BMs was 8 months pregnant!  I told them all to just get a "little black dress" that they'd wear again.  They loved the freedom of picking out something in their style and budget, it looked nice (they actually all picked out fancier ones than I would have chosen for them) and they were all comfortable.

    2 - Occansey designs makes custom veils at the most reasonable price I saw in my research.  Make sure you know the lingo, but there are SO many options with them.
    I ended up buying a very simple and short one from a shop on ebay - which is another option if you aren't looking for anything too fancy. 
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    1) I agree with the ladies.  I think having different dresses is totally fine.  We almost did the same thing, but it ended up working out that they all got the same one. 

    2) I think David's Bridal might have some affordable veils.  And I'm sure if you put something up on Etsy you could get the one you love made for much less than $500!  Ebay is also another good option.

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    I had everyone pick their own dress... I had a similar situation with my MOH being a size 24 and 2 other BMs were size 0... but I picked a color and a few stipulations about the dresses (i.e. no trains, no blanket look skirt, had to be long, no taffeta- a personal thing! etc). I also picked the company that they were going to order from... I felt that way that they would all flow better. 

    You can see pics of my BP in my married bio. 

    I know that all the girls looked and felt beautiful because they felt comfortable in what they were wearing b/c they got to choose it. Since then... two of my BMs have gotten married and did the same thing... they really liked it I guess! :)
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    1) I agree with pp on this one

    2) stalk the trash to treasure board and you can pick one up there for a decent price. 
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