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October 2011 Weddings


so ive been google imaging trees for decorations and i really want  to have some trees in the reception tent to give it a more fall is feel instead of a huge giant white tent..so i found these pictures online..but Im not sure how to get the trees to stand on thier own...any thoughts.. I dont want them to be super heavy..

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Re: decorations

  • I don't have any suggestions for you, but I wanted to say that's an awesome idea!
  • In the top picture it looks like they are in pots that are covered in fabric and they are using up lighting to show them off. Very cool. In the second shot, I think they may be coming up through the table (like the table has a hole in it). Again, they are probably secured in pots underneath.
  • The top image looks like the base of the trees are covered in fake snow. And have an uplight hidden in the snow next to the base of the tree.

    The ones behind the table are most likely in some sort of planter/ pot.

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  • Those are cute! I found this image when I was thinking about doing a bigger reception. My guess is, they wouldn't fit in a tent though! I think those two are beautiful!

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