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Receiving gifts before bridal shower

I have a couple of questions around this:

Do we keep them unopened, bring to the shower and open them there(person will not be at my shower)

Do we send out a thank you note immediately after we get it? But if we don't open it until the shower obviously send it with everyone else's.

thanks in advance

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Re: Receiving gifts before bridal shower

  • I actually just received a wedding present....I didn't have to open it because it showed it was a microwave ;) but I would have. I also sent the thank you note immediately to let the giver know it was received.... Which I'm glad I did because the next day got a card from her telling me she sent a gift and if I didn't get it please let her know because we was worried about ordering on line (she's elderly) Hope this helps.
  • I have heard that you can open the gift to see what it is and write a thank you, but not to use the gift until after the wedding.  HTH
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  • I am planning to wait to open the gift at the shower, and I will send thank you cards to everyone after the shower. 
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  • I think you can do it either way. I'd do it depending on how big/small it is. My grandmother, cousin, and aunt went in together to get me all of my fiestaware dishes. I opened them early (not using them) and wrote a thank you, just because they sent it super early, I knew they weren't making the shower, and it was a lot to truck back and forth to the shower. I did have some other gifts though that were smaller and just brought to the shower for me to open there. I sent a card after the shower in those cases.
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  • In Response to Re: Receiving gifts before bridal shower:
    [QUOTE]I have heard that you can open the gift to see what it is and write a thank you, but not to use the gift until after the wedding.  HTH
    Posted by dandelionsgirl[/QUOTE]

    This is what I've always known people to do as well.  Sending the thank you out as soon as the gift is received kind of lets the person know that it arrived safely, plus it takes one more off the HUGE stack you'll have to write after your shower.   I'd rather knock out a couple of thank you notes here and there before the shower than have to sit and get cramps in my hands from writing them all out at once after the shower.
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  • I would open the gift to make sure that it isn't broken or anythign but not use it.  You should send a thank you note right away so that the gift giver knows that you have received it!  I'm always worried when I send gifts in the mail so getting a thank you note would ease their stress over whether it arrived or not.
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  • I would open it to make sure it's not damaged or anything and then send the TY note immediately. I received one last week, opened it and will be sending out the TY as soon as the cards come in. I do not plan on bringing it to the shower because it is already opened - but if the gifter has requested you to open at the shower, I would let them know you received the gift and then write the TY after the shower is over.
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