I need to find a JP or wedding officiant in Worcester and have no idea where to begin. I googled JP's in Worcester and found a list of them but then how do you pick one out? Should I schedule some meetings with a few different ones to see who will best fit?

How have you chosen your wedding officiant?

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  • We had a JP do our wedding ceremony.  Basically I called a handful of people, asked them if they were available on my date, how much they charged, and what their style was like.  We didn't meet with anyone before hand.  I got a feeling for who I thought was best just by having a phone conversation.  
  • We were married by a JP.  We found him by calling around to a few local town halls (where we thought we might be getting our marriage license) and they had lists of local JPs.  I made my husband call around, until he found the right guy--some of them wanted to meet first in person, do a "counseling" type session, or seemed very "God-y" (we aren't religious at all; hence why we were looking for a JP!).  His name is David Buczkowski (I hope I spelled that right!).  His contact info is here:

    (Funny story...on the day of our wedding we had a Day of Coordinator to take care of all of the logistics.  There was some set-up that went on before the ceremony, so all the guests were waiting outside until it was ready.  David, the JP, arrived at the church, saw everyone waiting outside, and waited outside too.  Our DOC hadn't been able to attend the rehearsal the day before and didn't know what the JP looked like, and thought he hadn't arrived.  She tried calling his cell, but he had turned it off when he got there, bc he obviously didn't want it to ring during the ceremony, so she pulled my husband's uncle to the side and asked him to be the stand-in, if the JP didn't arrive in time!  LOL...  Fortunately, once people went in, he walked up to the front of the church and she figured out who he was...she told me all of that a few days later :)
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