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Throw it out there Thursday

Re: Throw it out there Thursday

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    Dear 10am,

    Please don't come so quick tomorrow morning!! I don't want to go anywhere to begin with but what choice do I have?


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    edited December 2011
    dear spring, 

    im over winter already... please bring your allergies and 60 degree weather... 

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    Hello. I've waited here for you. Everlong<3<br>
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    Dear Boss,

    Seriously you want to bitch to me about not driving to work in a blizzard yesterday? And to have the nerve to come at me and say "Well so and so has kids to look after, who do you have to look after on a snow day?" I have myself you idiot! Are you saying I'm not worth anything bc I am no ones mother? Screw you a$$h0le. Just because you ppl are scared of the VP around here and will risk your neck to get in here doesn't mean I'm scared of him! He's an a$$ too. And to top it off - I would have had nothing to do here anyway!

    Sincères salutations as you like to put!
    Your P.O'.d employee

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