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June 2012 Weddings

Why did yo pick June for your wedding?


Re: Why did yo pick June for your wedding?

  • Lots of reasons!

    I work in a school, so a late June wedding enables me to have time to prepare for the wedding without taking time off of work for it and the honeymoon.  Plus, my entire bridal party also works in a school which is pretty convenient for all.

    I love the warm weather, and June in NH is beautiful without being too hot.

    We both have fall birthdays...with all of the different holidays, we figured a June wedding would give us a wonderful reason to celebrate during a month where there typically isn't much going on.
  • We chose June for a few reasons.  I am a teacher so I figured I would be out of school by the 30th.  What better way to start my summer vacation then getting married and going to Hawaii!  Also, both of our birthdays are in June....his is the 5th, mine is the 25th.  And lastly, we didn't want to get married on/near anyone else's anniversary so if we touched July or August it would have been very difficult to avoid.  My cousin who got engaged after us chose April 28th as her wedding so it's kinda close to our date, but not too close.  Not that we could do anything about it since we were already booked.

    All of you posting about June 25th (1984), that's my birthday!

    Kelsey, I know you and I share the same birthday and wedding day.  When is your FI's birthday since our FI's both have birthdays in June too?
  • Tons of reasons. We got engaged June 11th. Wanted a year to plan, so we looked at May-October 2012. We narrowed it down to May 5th or June 2, then decided we wanted the best chance of an outside wedding, and we still get snow on my birthday (May 13) so we ended with the 2nd. We had soooo many birthdays, weddings, anniversaries to avoid, all those months!! 
  • We also wanted a May wedding, but my mom is a teacher and since the wedding will be at her house we did not think it was fair to put all of that on her at the end of the school year. We really wanted it around a holiday so that I didnt have to use so much vaca for the honeymoon, so we picked June 30th.
  • I always wanted to be a June bride! And since I'm going to school to be a teacher it works out perfectly. Our original date was June 9 because I wanted to get married to weekend before Father's Day. But after discussing the date with some family memebers we discovered that wouldn't be a good date. So we then chose the June 23, but the venue was booked so we went with June 22. The 22 works out great because FI only has to learn a new month for our anniversary! (Our dating anni is September 22)
  • I wanted to get married at a time where the weather was decent and you could take outside pictures without freezing (I do live in MI). I always wanted a fall wedding, but I noticed that everyone I know at this moment has been getting married in the fall.. so.. It was between early June (our date is June 2nd) or sometime in September (both of our parents have their anniversaries that month) and we decided on June.

    I love our date, but it's going to suck when it comes down to it... we have mothers day then his birthday (6 days before our wedding day) and then his sisters birthday (3 days after our wedding day) and then my dad's birthday and then both of our moms and then his dads... from May thru the beginning of Sept. i'm going to be broke lol. Oh well it's worth it tho :)
  • FI and my parents chose our date.  FI and I both always knew that we would get married over the summer (FI is a teacher and I'm an instructional asst) because we both have summers off, however we had never discussed a specific date.

    When FI started talking to my parents about proposing, they started talking about wedding dates and FI mentioned that he would like for us to get married in late June.  I have always known the venue I wanted for my wedding reception, and knowing that June is a popular month, my parents and FI talked to our venue and they put down a deposit for the date of June 30, 2012.  And I wasn't even engaged yet!  The country club agreed to let us move the deposit to a different date, should I be unhappy with the date of 6.30.12, but I was perfectly happy with that date!!!!  I turn 30 in January, and FI turns 30 in April, so I think it's fitting that we're getting married on the 30th of June!
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  • In Response to Re: Why did yo pick June for your wedding?:
    [QUOTE]In Response to Re: Why did yo pick June for your wedding? : Insane!! My parents were married June 25, 1982 and I was born 11/11/83! I'm also excited about getting married on a date so close to when my parents got married (6/30) AND he and I are big football fans and I would never get married during football season either!! lol super cool....what are you graduating with? (what degree)
    Posted by misstomrstodr[/QUOTE]

    Wow, that's crazy! What's funny, too, is that FI and my dad have the same birthday! Haha. I'm graduating with a Bachelor of Arts (Dance major and nutrition minor).
  • In short, I hate being cold so it had to be in the spring/summer. June just worked for our families.
  • Nice weather for outdoor ceremony (hopefully)
  • JPR 279. I was saying that idea was not wierd. I apologize for the typo. I think it is cute that you and your fiance have a hidden secret on your wedding day.
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