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Opinions about video

We are struggling to decide between 2 photographers, one is Rose DeVore who did my friend's wedding and she had amazing photographs and she is reasonably priced and very personable. The other is picture perfect portraits and they offer a package that includes 2 photographers and 2 videographers for around 300 dollars more than the other photographer. 

We are struggling to decide if we will actually need video and view it or if pictures is just ok. Please let me know your opinions becuase honestly we have no idea what we are going to do. 

Re: Opinions about video

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    Everyone I talk to that has already been married always tells me that you should spend money to have photos and video done because after it's all said and done that is all you have to remember it by.  So I hired my favorite photographer and spent the most money on that but also hired a videographer for the ceremony and the first part of the reception.  I think I will be happy to have the video of our wedding and first dance to show our kids one day :)
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    I know photography and videos were important for me. Also, I knew I wanted 2 photographers just to make sure they caught everything. I think it depends somewhat on how big your wedding is. We are having around 275-300 people, so it might be a lot for one photographer to catch!
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    We did not hire a professional videographer and our photographer did not offer it. However, my husband's Aunt was kind enough to videotape our entire wedding ceremony and most of the reception (until the battery died). And then they edited it, put into into chapters and even added a front cover on the disk. It was very nice and looked professional to me. And it didn't cost a thing. But they are both really good with computers and that sort of thing, so that is why it looked so good.
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    I can't imagine not having a videographer! My mom and stepdad got married when I was 6 and I love to go back and watch their wedding video. I was the biggest DIVA ever lol! We have so many family memories that were caught on tape and still laugh about today. If it were me and I had to get rid of something to have the videographer, I would do it in a heartbeat. Get rid of favors or something that most guests will forget about 2 days later! But that is my opinion! Do what you feel is right for you and your fiance!
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    We are not hiring a videographer. They are generally too expensive. And, I don't think it's all that important....particularly since you can get a good video camera for so cheap and you can just ask a friend to record the ceremony for you, and parts of the reception. That's my opinion. We got a nice video camera over Thanksgiving, and we'll probably just ask someone to record the good stuff.
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