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stupid stupid question :)

so this should probably go on the etiquette board but the last time I asked something some of the girls were really rude... anyway.. I'm working on printing out the STD envelopes (eeep!!!)

One of our good friends goes by Jim, and I've only ever known him as Jim..at their own wedding he went by Jim, do I (for etiquette reasons) write down Mr and Mrs James last name or do I just use Mr and Mrs Jim last name because its just the save the date?.

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Re: stupid stupid question :)

  • You can go fairly informal on STD's. We have a friend who was born in the Philippines and his given name in Joesan but always goes by Joey so that's how I addressed their STD's. I also did include Mr. & Mrs. on my STD's and just sent them this way: 

    John & Jane Doe
    1234 Street
    City, ST 12345


    The Doe Family
    1234 Street
    City, ST 12345

  • PS. . . I am afraid to post anything on the e board as well. . . those girls can be nasty. :( 

  • Ditto Walkers. I think Jim is fine for STD's. And I agree - some of the women on these boards are unnecessarily nasty. It's really funny how they are such big sticklers for etiquette when they are so rude themselves.
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  • Sorry this is late, but I would go by what you know him to go by. BTW, I do not go by ettiquette. As long as I am not hurting anyones feelings intentionally, I dont care. I hate how ettiquette is put forth. To me its just a way to make others feel bad. Everyone is different, so how can ettiquette be cookie cutter and work? However, I do go over there to snicker and laugh at the ignorance and hypocritcalness of some Wink Im nasty, I know!!!!

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