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December 2010 Weddings

New and a 12.11.10 bride!

I just wanted to say hi to you girls. We decided to move our date up to 12.11.10. I am so excited for our wedding! We have been together for almost 10 years and engaged for almost 4. I wanted to wait to get married until after I got my degree. I decided that there is not point in waiting another year or so after that, and why not get married at my favorite time of year Smile

I have not decided on any colors yet, but I am thinking of white, silver/grey, and blue. Our wedding is going to be small, probably no more than 50 guests. That is the plan anyway. We are undecided on a honeymoon right now, and when we should take it. If you would like to know anything else let me know!  I look forward to visiting here during my planning.

Re: New and a 12.11.10 bride!

  • Welcome..I am a 12/11/10 bride as well. My colors are red, white, silver, and black...Best of luck planning and I look forward to chatting with you.
  • I'm glad to hear that I won't be the only bride engaged for over a year..... My husband-to-be and I got engaged 2-14-09 and were getting married 12-11-10..... I am finishing up my degree as well.... our colors are champagne, red, and green...have the vision in my head and I'm hoping it looks as good for the actual wedding!!
  • Hi Emily! Yes we definitely should keep in touch Smile  I am so excited to finally be getting married, and to be getting my degree!
  • I'm a 12-11-10er myself!  It sounds like a lucky number combination, doesn't it? :o)  We wanted to get married before Christmas, and it's my grandma's birthday, so that's sort of why we picked it.  It just basically sounded like a nice wedding date to us! :o)
  • I'm also getting married 12.11.10! Can't wait.  We got engaged 12.19.09...so we'll be engaged right at a year.  My colors are red and white.  I love the idea of a wedding around the holidays! Can't wait to see what ideas you all have!
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  • I love the numbers, I think they are lucky too and that is our set wedding date too..we happened across it on accident. Had to move my original date from the first weekend in November as close friends of ours snuck in for late October and we didnt want to finacially burden our friends. We decided after Thanksgiving but before Christmas and didnt want to have it on my brothers birthday and then it just happened to be 12/11/10!!

    We live in the Midwest, anyone else nervous about snow?? Or that it might be budget tight for others because of the holidays?
  • I am also getting married on 12-11-10!!! I have always wanted a Christmas wedding and thought that would be a perfect date. I decided not to go with the traditional Christmas colors but instead I am gonig with pink, gold and burgandy. What are u girls doing for your centerpieces at your reception? I would love to hear some ideas.
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