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Bachelorette Party in Vegas

I'm planning a bachelorette party in Vegas for my sister, any tips?

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    Make sure everyone can afford it before you start planning.
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    If you choose to go to a club (not all girls are fans) then be sure to get a table reservation!  Its not fun to be crammed and jostled just to get a drink when you are supposed to be celebrating!
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    Vegas is great, but I agree see what type of budget the girls are on. The good clubs get packed early so table service is best but can be pricey. If your going after April 6th most pools at hotels are open. So what can be nice is renting a cabana for a day depending on what hotel your staying at.If fun in the sun is what you want.And there are so many good bars and restaurants. Check out to get an idea.. I used to llive there and still go alot , thats why im going to Cabo but my finace will be going to Vegas in May. Staying at Tropicana which is an older hotel but there remodling and the rooms are cheap. Thats where we met. lol  And the pool is nice. Have fun!!!!
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    I'm doing Vegas for mine too!
    Definitely get a table and bottle service at least 1 night, if you're planning on a club. And like everyone said above, you've got to know everyone's budget. Because table service might not work for everyone in the group. There are lots of no cover lounges around that you could have tons of fun in. We ran into one last time we went, I think it was in TI. It was just a little hole in the wall, but they played hip hop/ top 40 type club music and even had seating. We ended up having so much fun there, we stayed all night.
    Bottom line, have fun with whatever you do. And if you have a good group of girls with you, then you should have fun no matter what you do there. You'll find something! Everywhere you look down there, there's something to do!
    And definitely visit the new city center! I can't wait to see it! The best part about window shopping, is it's free! Have lots of fun!
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    I would get front of the line passes for the clubs too. Sometimes they are included with table service, but not always. We went to the Palms clubs and there were literally 1,000s of people waiting in huge mobs for the elevators to the clubs. We just had to show our wrist bands and got right in. Definitely worth it!!!
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    I agree w/ PP, but also look into package deals.  I planned a Vegas fete last summer and we went to Thunder Down Under but made a whole evening of it.  We had a limo to dinner, dinner at a fancy restaurant, limo to the show and then VIP service into a nightclub.  Once split between all the girls the price wasn't bad. is a great resource, but you can also just google the type of package you want.  Also make sure all the girls have a heads up that you are planning Vegas and a rough estimate of costs.  Obviously the more girls that go, the cheaper it can be.  I gave my girls 8 months in advance and still only 4 came, claiming money issues.  But we still made the most of it.  Good luck!


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