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Biggest Loser *spoilers*

There used to be a lot more discussion of this show, but I guess most active posters now don't watch it. Oh well, I still want to discuss, lol.

I had tears in my eyes when they all arrived home- you could just feel the pride and happiness of both contestants and family/friends. I figured the challenge would be marathon related, since in the past they've had to run half or whole marathons. I thought it was cool that they had to bike it, since that was the first challenge. It really showed how far they've come. I was so shocked that Lance ate 17 cupcakes- that was pretty ridiculous. Of course Melissa told him to (ugh, still don't like her). I'm glad Lance got voted off instead of any other player on the blue team. And go Sam- 14 lbs.?! He's amazing!

Next week looks really good- talking with someone who lost 400 lbs. I'm eager to see that! And eliminated players coming back...gotta love the preview of Melissa saying, "Guess who's back?"

Re: Biggest Loser *spoilers*

  • edited December 2011
    Kim, I finally watched it on Saturday! A little late, haha :)

    Melissa just seems like total white trash - the fact that she was soooo emphatic about getting the $10k, telling Lance to eat cupcakes, etc was really annoying. I mean, yes, I understand that $10k is a lot of money, but that's not the purpose of this show, and I feel like she has been a game player the entire time. Ugh, can't stand her!! And I was getting really mad when it looked like Lance might win the challange because everyone gave cupcakes to Sam. Good thing Koli pushed through and got it!

    The black team did awesome at the weigh in, I was sooo happy they won! It really looked like they were going to lose yet again.

    I thought it was really cute that Daris had a date when he went home - good for him to have some confidence!


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