Lost Heart Pendant

HAWAII BRIDAL EXPO --Saturday, 1/23/2010...about 130pm-230pm

I attended the Hawaii Bridal Expo on Saturday, 1/23 and lost a very sentimental light lavendar/pink Heart Jade Pendant..... I searched for about an hour and couldn't find it and no one turned it in to Lost & Found... It is very sentimental because is belonged to my 16 year old cousin that had past away.... That is the only item that I have that once belonged to my cousin.... if you found it or know of any information, please let me know..... I am so heart-broken because I lost it...it fell off the clasp...please contact me [email protected] light lavendar/pink heart Jade Pendant...very sentimental... no questions asked, I just want it back...please pass the word along to anyone that may have attended the event....Aloha

Re: Lost Heart Pendant

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    I hope someone finds it! I'd really recommend editing your post and removing your phone number (put an email address in instead) - otherwise I have to do it. These are public, international message boards and as such, there are all sorts of people who read them - including the creepy type.

    Good luck!
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