Cheap Venue in the Seattle and surrounding area?

I need a cheap venue that will need space for at the most, 70-80 people. 

The date we picked is Feb. 25th, 2012. As you can see I need something quick and indoors. 

Thanks for any of your help!

Re: Cheap Venue in the Seattle and surrounding area?

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    "cheap venue" means difference amounts for different people. Do you have a max cut off price?
  • phonehomephonehome member
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    I would suggest the Utina Wardroom. It's modern, reasonably priced, and perfect for your size party. If I was able to have a smaller wedding, I would've been all over it.

    PS: It was voted one of the best new venues in Seattle by Seattle Bride!
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    I agree with phonehome, Utina Wardroom is where we are getting married and their prices are very reasonable and they are super easy to work with.
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