Rustic/Country Wedding

I'm getting married for the second time. It's my fiance's first. We've decided we want a fall outdoor wedding, either this year or next, and we'd like to do it most likely in the Brown County area or about an hourish outside of Indy. 

Does anyone have any advice on good ceremony/reception venues for a small party? Max we'll probably have is 40, and I want the day to be a lot of fun for everyone. I've already done the proper wedding. This time I'd like to be a bit offbeat and laid back. Thanks!

Re: Rustic/Country Wedding

  • I would check with some of the bed and breakfasts or inns in Brown County. You can do a ceremony relatively cheap in the state park and then do a dinner at one of the restaurants there in town.

    You might check with some of the winerys or orchards in that area too.
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