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How close is too close?

I found the perfect bridesmaids dresses only to discover that if my girls order them today they may not be in until 1 week before the wedding. Is it bridezilla-ish of me to choose this dress even if I offer to pay for them? The whole reason the dresses will take so long is because they are a new color from David's Bridal and they don't have any made up in stock. The lady at the store did say they will def be in within 12 weeks of the order date and could come in sooner. Should I just pick a different dress?

Re: How close is too close?

  • I think you need to give your girls time to get alterations.  My DB dresses came in sooner than I was quoted, but you may not want to take the chance.

    But 3 months to ship bridesmaid dresses is pretty standard, you'll be down to the wire no matter what.  You may have better luck ordering normal cocktail dresses 'off the rack' from somewhere. 

  • Some things to consider:

    Will they guarantee that they'll be in for the wedding? 
    Are they long dresses that may need to be hemed or need a lot of altering?

    I would go for it if you really love them!  Do it :)
  • I would be freaking out until the day the dresses came in.  What if they're late or need alterations?  It would scare me!

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  • @ nhelene: DB said there would be time for them to do alterations, but I did want to let the girls try to get them altered somewhere else if they needed it.
    @ jletona: they are short so no hemming, and the consultant said they would def be in by the 12 week deadline
    @ midgie: that's the only thing. I know I'll worry about it the whole time and be praying everyday for them to call early and say they're here.
    I'm talking to my girls about it to see what they think, but I don't want them to think I'm being bridezilla and asking too much of them. I don't mind changing colors of the dress or even picking a diff dress, but these are really cute.
  • If you still really love them, go for it.  If you wouldn't regret changing them then pick new ones.  You know they'll be in and minor alterations can be done quickly.
  • Thanks for the advice.
  • From my experience with DB they tell you whatever they can to scare you into buying the dress that day.  They told me my girls dresses would be "pushing it" to be in on time for my wedding in July when we ordered in March.  Every single one was in by mid April.  But the only thing that scares me is that they said that color isn't made and in stock.  IMO and from my experience there I would say you will be fine to order them and they will be in with plenty of time to spare, but chancing it can just be added stress to you.  Talk to your girls and see what their opinion is.  Plus they will know if they often need alterations on dresses.  For my girls only 2 of the 5 needed alterations.  One was breastfeeding when she ordered so her boobs were way bigger than they are now, and the other has a very large chest so she had to order a bigger dress.  But the other 3 have very "average" body types for their sizes and the dresses fit fine. 
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  • I would choose something else. You have enough on your mind--you don't want to be worrying whether or not the dresses will be there in time to be altered OR worn on your wedding day, and I don't think it's fair to the girls. Just my opinion--good luck!
  • If you decided to get those, GET IT IS WRITING that they will be in on time.  That way there is a guarantee and ability for recourse if they are not.

    I think that is fine.  My BM dresses just got here.  One of my girls isn't getting hers altered until 2 days before the wedding because she is from out of state. 

    Just relax and pick the dress you want.

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