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April 2011 Weddings

Safe to buy on ebay?

I love the designer, Jim Hjelm, but I don't like the price tag. There are plenty of knockoffs on ebay and sometimes even the real deal. So is it safe to order a dress offline? More importantly is it ethical? I don't want to order dress made by slave labor. Can I check on these things?

Re: Safe to buy on ebay?

  • I buy things on e-bay all the time, If you use Pal-Pal it is very safe becaseu if you dont get what you ordered or it is not what they told you it was you just report it to paypal and they give you your money back. Have bought coach bags and other name brand things and never had any issues. You also want to look at their raiting it they have a high score then im sure they are safe to buy from.
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  • Most of the time you buy a dress on Ebay it's either a rip-off dress or someone bought their dress and is selling it or never wore it.

    That being said 1. Make sure it says it's actually the dress you want. 2. Make sure you try on the dress for your size... I'm a sizy 8 and I had to buy my wedding dress in a size 16(!!!) because of the different cuts of the dress(if your busty dresses without a corset back really are NOT forgiving for you) 3. Make sure they have pictures of the dress, make sure to ask about tears and stains on the dress. 4. Use paypal or a credit card for the dress that way if something does happen you can get your money back.

    Also make sure you buy from people with really good reviews. Best of luck to you! Congrats on your engagment and wedding!
  • Make sure you also know if the dress can be taken in or out if you need it to be altered once you get it home. So you would want to know what type of fabric and call some seamstress in your area to find out what they think.

    also what the other replies say!

    I have found some dresses i loved off line but I refuse to buy off line due to the fact i can't see what it looks on me . But that is just me!
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  • One of my friends at work is doing a lot of DIY for her wedding and is getting a lot of flowers and ribbons, dress accessories etc from ebay and has had pretty good experience so far. Just listen to what the girls have said here so far...look for a good member rating and use your card or better yet paypal to pay to protect your purchase. Happy shopping. :)
  • Thanks girls! You have been super helpful:)
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