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Did you ever get an explanation from Michael's about making bouts, corsages, bouquets? I really don't want to make these corsages.

Re: Footballwife

  • lol! no. :(

    I'm heading up there sometime this week or this weekend to ask about them though.
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  • Mrs.Boss- I just called up there. The floral person only there on certain days/times. The girl I spoke to sounded like she needed a serious nap. So I didn't get a whole lot of info. She said you pay for the flowers and then the 14.99 is the "floral design fee". They put it together for you. She then said something about a downpayment on how many you need, and I said what about a downpayment and she said "i'm not sure what i'm talking about the other lady is on vacation". and i said ooooookay then and hung up.
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  • OMG! Lol well I'll call around the Michaels here to find out if that is even offered in my area. I hope it works out for both of us! What were you trying to get done?
  • Well if michaels can do it, i'd like to get 1 corsage for officient (our friend), 1 corsage for FMIL, and then the grooms wedding party and one for his dad.
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