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New York-Upstate

Cancelled Wedding

SO....I cancelled my wedding a few months ago. Should have been married about 3 weeks ago. My question is if anyone else has had this issue and how they dealt with it. I was told I'm dealing TOO well....

Re: Cancelled Wedding

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    So sorry to hear that...
  • loving2011loving2011 member
    edited December 2011
    It wasn't me, but good friends of mine broke off their engagement about 8 months before their wedding, which would have been last month. 

    It was rough on both of them, but like any relationship they got/are getting through it with help of family and friends. A lot of talking on their part, and a lot of listening on ours. There were a lot of tears and rage, but it is a process and it takes time. 

    Can I ask- why do people say you are handling it to well? Were you the one doing the breaking-up? Or is it a situation where you are hiding your emotions from others?

    Everyone deals with this stuff in a different way. 
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