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Wedding Colors

  I'm so lost.  I don't know what I want except for green, and colors that will compliment my fiance and I.  He has brown hair and brown eyes and I have dark brown hair and hazel eyes.  We both like greens and blues and purple but I don't know if I want blue to be one of my colors. We are getting married in late August or early Fall...would that be a fall wedding or a summer wedding?  I'm so lost and don't know where to go for help or shades.  I want to be stylish.
I considered going black, white, and green.  Its color but not too much... good for an outdoor wedding, but both my fiance and I are colorful people so I don't know if that makes sense.  Any way I can get help with this?

Re: Wedding Colors

  • You've got a lot to think about there!

    My advice: don't worry about what season it is, just pick something you both love. You could easily do either a bright green that pops against a neutral (like apple green and navy, or your black white and green), or you could work in a really rich shade of another color (I love pale green and eggplant together), or go with all brights.

    Check out this blog: it has tons of color palettes to get the ideas flowing.

  • We are doing black, ivory, and green, and to add one more random color, I am carrying a fuschia bouquet and my FI will be wearing a fuschia bout.  We are getting married in July.  Here's how we did the colors if it helps give you any ideas:

    The BM dresses are black, but are wearing green shoes and have green and ivory bouquets.  The GM and RBs will be wearing green ties, black vests, and have green bouts.  The guest tables will have black table cloths, with white vases with mostly green and ivory single flowers in the vases, with the occasional fuschia flower.  Flower girls have ivory dresses, and will have mini green bouquets.

    I like color too, but I've really felt using black as a base makes the colors we did choose pop a lot!
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  • LOVE opals suggestion for apple green and navy!
    a mix like that could easily do summer/fall
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  • Definitely don't worry about the season. A popular combo right now is green and purple, which you mentioned both. Here is an inspiration board of the two colors:
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