March 2010 Weddings

Is anyone else...

starting to freak out seeing as though 2010 is in less than 36 hours!!!!??!??!!! AHHH!! We're getting married this year ladies!!!!! YAY!

Re: Is anyone else...

  • I'm not sure I wanted to know that lol. I'm still trying to get used to seeing "2 Months..." in my ticker.
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  • Well Laura, since you and I are some of the knotties who have been engaged the longest... 2010 cannot get here soon enough!
  • I hear ya Misa!!! TWO YEARS AND 11 DAYS is a long enough wait!!!!
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    [QUOTE]I hear ya Misa!!! TWO YEARS AND 11 DAYS is a long enough wait!!!!
    Posted by LMGreene85[/QUOTE]

    25 months and 5 days from proposal to wedding! Haha... I think Steph is the only one who beats us out!  Do you have a picture of your invites since you've been working on them?
  • Hell Yeah!  16 months engaged...time for this bad boy to go down!  Come on 2010!
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  • I haven't been engaged that long, but I'm just as freakin' ready :)
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  • Misa -- I'll take a pic tonight and post!
  • This year has gone SO fast. Cannot believe it's almost 2010 just in general, and I definitely cannot believe I'm getting married in a little over 2 months!
  • I'm so excited too!! I'm ready for the wedding!
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  • Yea, kind of freaking out.  Especially since my invitations are being a pain in the ass.
  • LMGreene85LMGreene85 member
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    Misa I forgot to take a pic last night (have so much to do btw the wedding and planning FI's surprise 30th which is next Saturday lol)

    But here's a link to the invitations I ordered!
  • Yeah March will be 2.5 years...I'm starting to get tired of wedding planning.  Invites go out this weekend!
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