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Stomach/Love handle work outs What worked for you?

I want to focus on losing weight in my mid section but I am unsure of what exercises to focus on.

So far I have changed my eating and drinking habits for the better. I try to only drink water and if I slip it is usually a half a can of pop that I end up drinking.

My FI and I are taking ball room dance lessons which I have found works my legs really well.

What worked for you?

Re: Stomach/Love handle work outs What worked for you?

  • Read the answers a few posts down on "Exercise to lose fat on my arms"
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    Cardio, period. Unless you're already really thin and just looking to tone certain areas, cardio (and diet changes) are the only thing that will help you lose excess flab. Yoga, pilates, and whatever class or strength training regimen you can imagine will only help you add definition. Running, elliptical, swimming, walking (at 4.0+ mph), biking, etc. are the only solutions to burning fat, alone or in addition to cutting calories.

    You don't need to do crunches to tone your midsection. If you can't afford pilates and yoga, just go to Self or Fitness or Women's Health online to learn about a multitude of ab-centered exercises. My fi is an athlete, and he taught me hundreds of workouts. My favorites are throw-downs, V-ups, figure 4's, planks (which I also learned in yoga), and a variety of stability-ball exercises. You don't need a medicine ball, stability ball, or other props, but they can definitely make your 3-4 day/week routine more interesting, and more fruitful.
  • Sorry to add more, but I just noticed that you're a soda drinker. Cut that out, and you'll get better results, even with cardio and strength training. You can have it once a week, but it should NOT be a daily habit. Juice is bad, but at least offers some nutritional value, even if it's basically sugar water with vitamins. Try switching to seltzer, and add a splash (not a half-cup) of juice at first if you really miss the extra flavor and sweetness. Soda, juice, and even zero-calorie drinks with artificial sweetners make you fatter than equivalent calories from whole foods because of the way your body processes them. I won't give you a physiology lecture, and every health-oriented magazine gives you the watered-down, non-scientific explanations for this.

    Sorry for the rant, but people underestimate how much of a punch that packs not only on the scale, but on your general health. Type II diabetes happens to thin people, too.
  • I will echo the need for cardio and healthy eating habits. High calorie burn along with lean proteins, and lower carbs will be the only way to lose the "flab".  But, in addition to traditional cardio, I also will strongly suggest circuit type training. For instance after doing a set of weight lifting exercises, do jumping jacks, jump rope, run in place, etc for 30 to 60 seconds in between sets. This will keep your heart rate up and give you maximum calorie burn both immediately (from the added cardio) and long term (from muscle development).
    Many people will discover how much they neglect their core when they are working out...we kind of let that area go when we are running, lifting, etc. Next time you are doing anything while working out, focus on keeping your abs tight throughout the whole exercise. Simply by keeping them tightened, you will be working the muscles. Don't forget back exercises either!
    Good luck and congrats on the lbs lost so far!
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