Wedding Woes

So, it's official.

I have eye issues. I have known this fact since 2nd grade, but hey glasses made it all better. Then, I begged my parents for contacts in the 9th grade. Yay!

I know I told you guys about the swelling behind my retina two years ago. Yes, it is much better, but still not 100% This was in my right eye.

I went for a checkup on Monday, and I have a tear in my retina of my left eye. I'm gonig to have to have lazer surgery to repair when I get back from my trip. Boo

It seems that my nearsightedness is causing issues as I get older. Plus, my grandfather is blind, and I may have some heredity issues.

So, I'm trying to ease up on the computer, and the Knot format just doesn't work for the ol' eyes. I moved my computer screen closer, but it makes me strain.

I'll pop on from time to time, but I throw my vote in for moving to the nest, and I hate the nest.

Re: So, it's official.

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    I'm so sorry Nola.  Apparently retinal tears and detachments are more common in people with severe nearsidedness and it most certainly has a hereditary element.  My dad and sister have both had detachments and successful repairs.  Good luck to you.

    (I'm just waiting for mine to detach)
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    Sorry NOLA. I hope everything gets repaired easily.
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    Thanks, I'll keep ya posted.
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