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October 2011 Weddings

Curious-"It Burns!" yelled BM

Curious how y'll feel about this kind of situatioon-
So apparently my cousins wife is standing up in a Catholic wedding and at the rehersal yelled out, "It burns!" when she got splashed by Holy Water.

IMO, It's quite rude and tasteless but apparently, she thinks it's a hoot. Her comment this morning to her FB post, "It was only the rehersal, I'll try to be good for the actual ceremony"

Just curious on y'lls thoughts.

Re: Curious-"It Burns!" yelled BM

  • Well, at least it was just the rehearsal...

    I'm with you on the rude and tasteless, but as long as the bride and groom didn't care, I'd let it go.

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  • I don't really see it as a big deal. She was obviously joking, and I would hope she was smart enough to not to do it during the real thing.
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  • I'm with you on the rude and tasteless; and its disrespectful to not only the Church, but the couple as well.
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  • It is very tasteless and rude. At least it was just the rehearsal. If that's her personality I guess the bride and groom expected something like that at some point.
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  • She's been posting all day about how horrible this wedding is going to be=she had to cover her tattoos, she backed away when they did the holy water at the ceremony, she is now complaining because she has to give a speech-IDK....why do I even care? It's irritating and it explains why their kids are they way they are!!!

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    Well it probably IS pretty horrible for her. She should not have been asked to cover her tattoos unless they are 100% vulgar, and even then I would think a wrap or sweater for the ceremony only would be alright. And she shouldn't have been asked to make a speech either, she's obviously not comfortable with it. Was it tasteless? Sure, but I wouldn't dwell on it. And it was only the rehearsal, I doubt she'd do the same at the actual ceremony.
  • I'm with Queen. She may be acting up because the bride and groom were twats to her.
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  • Honestly, doesn't sound like a big deal to me.
  • If someone did that to me at my rehearsal, I would probably laugh, knowing they meant it to be a joke, because it's something my husband would do.
    I do think it was in poor taste though.  And for what its worth, I would never cover my tattoos just because I was in someone's wedding. 

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