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NWR: Im having a very emotional day: a vent

I came home from Bermuda with bronchitis.  which how now turned into an ear infection as well.  my head is in excruciating pain.  

my exbf and i are still friends.  we were together for 7 years.  i love him dearly, and he is a great guy.  i left him because our relationshihp wasnt going anywhere, and we just werent meant to be.  i broke his heart.  when I left him, within 4 weeks he broke his leg, got sick, and lost his job.  he was a business consultant for a very large company.  he was an economic casualty.  he still hasnt found another job, and his medical insurance runs out tomorrow.  i wish i knew how to help him.  i wish i could.  it breaks my heart. 

St. patricks day i found out my BFF of 5 years was a pathological liar with deep psych issues and our entire friendship was a lie.   a friend of mine was a shoulder to cry on, i was crushed and betrayed.  she listened.  took my side, and was appalled at everything that happened.  "i never really hung out with jane doe, but i def wont now.  i cant believe she did xyz, and blah blah blah"   I just saw them out to lunch together.   what!

I have to work sat night, mischief night, in a really dangerous city.   its a big gang initiation night.  and im scheduled to work with a partner i dont know, who has a less then stellar reputation, with a new equipment configuration.  that night has disaster written all over it.  i want to call out, but i need the money, but i dont want to get in a bad situation because of no mojo between my partner and me. 

imso overwhelmed right now.  i want to crawl up in a hole.   sigh.     

Re: NWR: Im having a very emotional day: a vent

  • nessi, i wish I knew what to say to help out but I don't... I can tell you that while I don't have the exact same situations in my life as you do, I do know what it's like to feel betrayed & alone - even if you have plenty of other wonderful things going on in your life.  I also know what it's like to really want to help a friend and not be able to - or not know how to...
    *hugs* and =vibes= that your day/week will get better and that you will stay safe if you still have to work on Saturday...
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    Sorry to hear you have so much going on!   Please stay safe on Saturday and hopefully things will start turning around for you.
  • i absolutely depise weeks like that. everything seems to be going wrong...

    it will get better.

    hopefully your exbf can get back on track soon...

    and with the whole bff...i hate when people tell me one thing and then

    and with work...idk even know what to say. Hopefully things will stay normal and quiet between you two.

    but I am sorry things are happening like that...

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  • I second jmteter. I'm so sorry you're going through all this. You're definitely having a bad day.

    You may want to help your ex but you are not his partner anymore and you can only do what you can. Lending a patient ear to listen and throwing job leads his way are about all you can really do. He'll get back on his feet. I know the helpless feeling though. That's a tough one.

    You're best friend reminds me of one of my ex friends. I wasted so much time and energy on her to find out that in the end it was all for nothing. I just wanted to tell you I understand. I have friends who are friends with her, they complain and know not to get close to her because she has a bad habit of turning on her best friends and I can't stand it!  What's wrong with people like her? I don't get it!?!?

    Are you a beat cop? You sound like it from your story. I'm sending my T&P your way for your safety. GL!

    Hope you have better days ahead.
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  • No words of advice but sending lots of vibes and hugs that tomorrow will be a better day and I hope Saturday goes better then you think!!!
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  • I'm sorry you are going through all of this.  Go home and have a bubble bath and a glass of wine and relax tonight!  I will be thinking of you on Saturday, and hoping you stay safe! xo
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  • thanks girls!   your words really do help :)

    im not a cop, im a paramedic.  and i wish i could go home and take a bath, but im working til 7a.   tomorrow though, ITS ON LIKE DONKEY KONG!!!!!!!!!!!! 

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