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So.....  my daughter's wedding is in 13 days.....  4 months ago her venue started a huge construction project... 4 weeks ago we drove by and there are dirt mounds everywhere, orange construction fences and cones all over the parking lot and several porta potties.  We were assured that the landscaping in and around the parking lot would be completed by May 15.  Today? orange fencing gone.... orange cones still there, dirt mounds and porta potties still there  Then today at 7:30, we receive an e-mail from the cooridinator we have been working with for 18 months telling us that today was her last day and gave us the name of the new cooridinator!  My daughter is a wreck.   The new coordinator is supposed to contact us on Tuesday.  Now we feel we need to have another details meeting to ensure that all notes have been handed over to her.  ahhh... just added stress during the final count down.  Thanks for listening... just needed to vent!

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    I'm sorry all this is happening to you and your daughter and just adding to the stress.
    I hope everything will work out and that her wedding day is everything she hopes for.
    Sending good knottie vibes!
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    That happened to my sister when she got married.  She got an email saying there was a possibility they would be tearing down her venue as well.  They would not issue a refund or guarantee anything.

    My mom got on their butts and everything worked out well.
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    I'm really sorry to hear that!  My venue actually JUST switched coordinators on me too, but I don't have the added construction to deal with, thank god.  Do you have any layers in the family you can call to make sure the construction gets finished up?  I'll be thinking of you and your daughter and sending good vibes times a million.  It will all work out for the best, and hopefully this will just be a funny story in a few months :)
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    OMG!  that is completely ridiculous!  I'm sure everything will work out!
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    Thanks Ladies.....  Of course we haven't heard back from anyone today... I'm sure they are concentrating on the wedding this weekend.  My son-in-law said he will bring chains  and attache the porta potties to his truck and move them if they aren't gone by the 11th... when we are all checking into the hotel!  Acting like such a nice big brother to his youngest sister-in-law!    We should be grateful that the venue hasn't closed like the poor Georgetown & Sterling country Club brides!  I'm sure everything will work out...... Thanks for listening!
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