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things that come in nines!!

Everymonth "anniversary" before our wedding I try and do something for my FH to get him excited for our wedding...

So we are getting married 1/21/12. So on the 21st of each month I do something signifying the # of months until our wedding. it was something my dad did for my mom before they got married so I started doing it for my FH :)

Some months are easy, but this month I'm having a hard time. my FH played baseball his whole life and is a die hard fan. I thought of doing something baseball related, since 9 players make up the lineup-just not sure what.

I'm open for any suggestions. Also-any good suggestions for my remainding #s too would be great!! :)

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Re: things that come in nines!!

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    [QUOTE]In Response to Re: things that come in nines!! : That's certainly less morbid than the cat thing, <strong>but pregnancy is really 10 months (40 weeks)</strong>, so you'd have to adjust the honeymoon plans. 
    Posted by SarahPLiz[/QUOTE]

    Actually, pregnancy is 9 months.  Since months have 30/31 days, not just 28 days that would equal 4 weeks, 40 weeks equates to 9 months.  For an example, if you look at 40 weeks from today, April 1, 40 weeks from now is Dec 30.

    OP, I agree with PP and think anything with baseball would be great, since it does have 2 things with 9s (lineup and innings).

    Good luck!  Cute idea!
  • boy is my face red, for some reason I could have sworn that a spider had 9 legs, guess they are so creepy to me that it just seems like a lot of legs :-)
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