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August 2011 Weddings

Help....question about BM's

I have a friend who I have known for a long time and I'm questioning weather or not to make her a BM. She got married last September and I was one of her BM. However here is where the confusion comes in......she is one of those friends that you don't talk to all the time and you feel like you are always calling her and she never call you, unless it's for a favor. So I guess you can say I wouldn't consider her one of my closest friends. Then when we get together everything is ok between us and it's like we have been talking all along. So bascially my problem is this, I feel bad if she is not in the wedding and yet since we aren't that close I don't know if I really picture her in it.  I also don't want to look like a b**ch! What do I do?

Re: Help....question about BM's

  • Don't worry about it for another 4-5 months. If you read the message boards, especially wedding party, you'll see a lot of girls upset because they asked their party so early.
    Wait and see how your relationsip is then. You aren't obligated to have people in your wedding party even if you were in theirs.
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  • Agree completely. Unless you are completely sure you want them there (family, best friend, etc) it can wait until later to choose. You will know more about your relationship then. Maybe you will meet someone new who you would like to include or you and that friend will become close again. Just wait a little bit and let things fall in place.
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  • Thanks girls! :)
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