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Biggest Loser *spoilers*

Figured I'd post about it this week, since I know at least one other person watched. Smile I am so, so excited for makeover week next week!! I've been anticipating it for weeks- can't wait to see how they all look, but esp. Daris and Michael. All of that hair has got to go! I actually missed some of the beginning last night since I called my BFF for her b-day, but it seemed pretty emotional. I like Sunshine, but she got on my nerves at the weigh-in and during voting. I know it must be hard being at the ranch away from family, then losing your team mate, but it's not the end of the world- you'll see him again! Maybe I'm being callous, but that's my 2 cents!

Re: Biggest Loser *spoilers*

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    I LOVE LOVE LOVE makeover week too!! I agree - I cant wait to see Darris and Michael (they're my favs)!! I adore Michael... he's so funny and adorable!! Week to week I am continually amazed at how much the contestants actually change... you can especially see when they compare the 'before and afters' during the weigh ins! It's absolutely incredible!

    The other thing that I can say is that I never knew/thought it could be so hard to do a 5k! I feel so bad for those poor ppl who can't even WALK 3 miles! Esp. the lady at the end who was being helped by her daughter!! I really hope that experience is a jumpstart to a healthy lifestyle for them and they are able to lose the weight.

    Kim - I completely agree about sunshine! I mean, almost all of the other contestants lost their partner already and look how amazing they are doing! Sometimes, I think having your partner there could potentially be a set back... Like I said, my favs are Darris and Michael and I hope they make it to the end!! I like Koli too but I CAN'T BELIEVE that doesn't track his calories!! I think that is why he never has a big loss.... oh well - GO MICHAEL AND DARRIS!!! :)


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    I actually caught about 45 minutes of the end last night.  I, too feel like Sunshine was a bit dramatic last night!

    As Daris was walking up to the weigh in I told my mom that I can't wait for makeover week bc he is going to be really cute!

    I haven't been watching religiously, but I can't really say who is going to be the winner! I feel like Koli (sp?) and Sam are doing well.  I feel like it could be either of them, but it would be anit-climatic if they won, considering their present weight loss.  I guess it would be great if Michael could continue to lose weight and pull through as the winner (although there isn't really enough time for that!)

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    I have no predictions as to who is going to win, but now I am rooting for Sam and Daris. I used to like Sunshine more, but she irritated me last night. And it's annoying to know that Koli doesn't track his calories like the rest of them. Sam's tranformation has been incredible. He looks good now, and I can't wait to see how he looks at the finale! I felt "eh" about Daris before, but now I really want him to win. He's come so far, and gone out of his comfort zone. I'd be ok with Michael winning too... the only person I really don't want to win is Ashley. I just don't feel like she deserves it.
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