Wedding Accesory Superstore/Shipping time? Just read some bad reviews :(

So I found a dress at the Wedding Accesory Superstore. It's perfect and was there twice and they were SO nice and sweet to us. I plan on ordering the dresses there for my September 10th wedding, but I just read a few reviews that said they take longer than they say. One girl said they told her 12 weeks to ship but it actually took 21 WEEKS! I don't even have that long until my wedding. Has anyone here bought from them and actually got their dresses on time. Another problem I'm having is getting the girls to purchase the dresses. I told them all about 3 months ago what dress we chose and nobody has even budged :( I think I might be beating around the bush too much, like I'm being way too nice. Like how can I say that we need to get them ordered withing the next 2 weeks in a nice way? I'm sooo worried of hurting others feelings! If I wasnt worried about them not getting here in time I wouldnt rush the girls, but I have read SO many horror stories of girls dresses not coming in :(
I could use any suggestions.. please :)
Thanks ladies!

Re: Wedding Accesory Superstore/Shipping time? Just read some bad reviews :(

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    I ordered my invitations  and 2 bridesmaid dreses there- and got them in no time at all!  Kim was fabulous to work with.

    They work with a lot of designers so some issues can come up from the designer- which isn't their fault. 

    Honestly, I highly recommend them, they were fabulous to us!
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    I used WAS for the BM dresses and they came in plenty of time. We used Alfred Angelo so like PP said the shipping times may have something to do with the designer. The only thing I suggest is that if you have out of town BMs that you pick up their dresses from the store and ship them to your BMs yourself. That is where I had my only problem. I had one OOT BM and it was getting down to the last 6 weeks before the wedding and she still needed to receive her dress and have it altered, but she didn't have it yet. It was at the store and WAS of course ships out dresses for the closest dates first. It would have been shipped out within the next 3 days of us calling and asking them about it, but my mom still drove down to the store and shipped it herself (I think mostly because her sister, my BM's mom, was freaking out). Everything else with them went off without a hitch!

    As for getting your girls to order their dresses, I think you might have to be firm and just give them a deadline. Pick a date that safely gives enough time for shipping and tell them to order by that date. Who knows, maybe they just need something like that, rather than being laid back about when they can order.
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    I ordered all of my BM dresses there and had a HORRIBLE experience. The dresses were ordered at the end of July for my March wedding and did not come in until the end of February. I was told they would be in LONG before that. I was also given the run-around every time I called asking for some sort of update about when the dresses would be in. One day they would say they had shipped. Then 3 days later they would say they would ship tomorrow. This run-around went on for weeks!!! It honestly was the only stress I had before the wedding.

    My mom also ordered her MOB dress and it came in ripped! That would not have been a big deal but the dress was 500 dollars and they said they would just put a seam in it, My mom, understandably wanted a new dress since she spent so much and the fabric where it was ripped was frayed.

    I did have a good experience ordering items that were not clothing. I ordered our sand ceremony items and my shoes there and they came in super early.

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    I hate to add to your worry, but I was a little miffed with them...I suppose the bridesmaid dresses came in around 12 weeks, but we put March 30 as the date we needed them by (I padded it by a month) and they came in a day later, on April 1, and then most of them had to be shipped to the bridesmaids who live in other parts of the country, so they didn't get their dresses until three weeks before the wedding.

    I would just recommend to brides to really add in a lot of time when you put that "need the dress by" date.
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