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rehearsal dinner question?

if we are letting people in serious relationships in our wedding party bring guests to our wedding do they come to the rehearsal dinner to?

Re: rehearsal dinner question?

  • I personally think it is proper etiquette to do this, or allow a guests. However, I am lucky enough that our budget allows for the bridal party to bring their significant others.
  • We have our wedding party + significant others.  I don't know if most of them will come because ours will be on a Thursday, but we are still inviting them.  We were trying to cut our RD (we're at about 35 adults and 7 kids) so I asked my mom and she said we have to invite them.  And they are all in serious 3+ year/living together relationships or married.

    I would say if it was a serious S.O. then yes I would invite them.  If it's a casual date then I don't think I would.  FI's stepbrother is coming home from the army for our wedding and although we are giving him a +1 for the wedding we aren't giving him one for the rehearsal. 
  • Committed relationships only.
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  • edited January 2012
    Anyone who is in our wedding party and in a relationship is going to be invited with their date to the rehersal dinner. I'm not sure if we are going to give plus-one's to single members of the wedding party for the rehersal dinner. It would be especially weird for out of town guests / party members to go to the rehersal dinner alone and leave their SO back in the hotel room to find food for themself.

    Edit: I should clarify that we only plan to invite parents, siblings, grandparents and wedding party to the rehersal dinner. 
  • Agree with PPs - we have a few people in our WP who are married so of course their spouses are invited...then we have a few who are in serious relationships (longer than a year) and we are also inviting those significant others. For everyone else who is either single or casually dating here-and-there, we are allowing them to bring a "plus one" to the wedding but not inviting them to the RD.
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