NWR - Broad Street Run

Anyone doing the Broad Street Run on Sunday?  I just got the email about warning about the weather advisory and am a little freaked out. 

I realize its not a huge deal that it will be so hot so early in the morning and I'm probably just nervous since I haven't trained properly this year...
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Re: NWR - Broad Street Run

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    Not me, but good luck!! :-)
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    Not doing it either, but my boss has be talking about it all week...
    Good luck!
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    Not running either this year - wish I was though!  Even though it rained, it was a great run last year.  You will do great!  Don't be nearvous - I just did a 10-miler in VA last weekend and didn't train well either.  Just remember - slow and stready finishes the race!

    Good luck!
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    I'm running!! (HOPEFULLY!)  2A couple weeks ago I pulled something in my rib/stomach area so I havent been able to run as much but I still want to do it!  (I'm addicted to running haha) so I havent properly trained either

    The warm weather isn't bothering me becasue honestly I love running when its really hot out. I'm one of those weird people. I don't think it will be that bad bc like you said- it's early and the sun wont be as hot and all yet. I suggest loading up on some gatorade though so you keep your electrolites flowing and to not have to worry about passing out.

    Follow exactly what the site says though-- keep hydrated! and dont try to be a hero- if you feel like you're ready to pass out, then take a break.  And like Pharm said- slow and steady is better than killing yourself!

    Good Luck!!! Maybe we'll pass each other along the route ;)
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    I couldn't run ten miles to save my life, but about half the staff of my school will be there.  Best of luck - hope the weather holds out!
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    This weekend was supposed to be my Long Branch Marathon, but I've since been injured and can't run... I think it's a sign because if I had to run this Sunday, I'd probably try to be a hero and end up passed out on the side somewhere!  Best of luck to you in your run and don't worry about time - just have fun!  Stay hydrated!
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    I'm running! I'm really excited, because I love the run, but I'm also a little worried about the heat... I love running in the rain, so last year was perfect for me! I have a feeling I'm going to be pouring a lot of those water cups over my head!

    I'm also a little upset that FI will be at his bachelor party this weekend, so he won't be at the finish line waiting for me... one of my girlfriends will be there though so at least I'll have someone to run to!

    I think we should put something on our running gear so when we run by a fellow knottie we can do that little jeep hand wave thing... I've always wanted to be in a little club like that.
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    I am running too!  I just got home from the expo and it was totally packed.  I am really looking forward to it since I have done the PDR and the Philly Half Marathon but have never done a 10 miler.  The heat should be interesting since I haven't run in 80 degree weather in like 9 months.  Good luck everyone!
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