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Holy shiz we're engaged!

We got engaged yesterday!! :D I was going to give my description of the evening but my FIANCE (:D) wants to do the honors...

SO I had been planning on proposing in the Fels Planetarium in the Franklin Institute because we're huge nerds and because, living in the city, we never see significant stars (except for  *cheese alert* the stars I see in her eyessss), I wanted to show her something spectacular, celestial, even, for our perfect moment.

In fact, I came up with the perfect playlist ( the cover pic? That'd be the love of my life). But after we settled in and started listening, cheesey McNarrator started the most ridiculous planetarium narration ever. Suffice it to say, I decided to play it by ear. Anywho, afterward, we spent the walk from the FI to dinner with me giving a relatively in depth Chatauqua about stars and the universe and how our love should emulate the amazing gift stars give the universe (subjectively infinite light, contributions to the beginnings of matter, ignition over time, etc etc etc).

Finally, in LOVE park (actually JFK park, but everyone knows it for the statue) I proposed in perhaps the most gallant of manners ever encountered. She didn't believe it was for realsies, teenagers cheered us on in the background, the homeless guy 20 feet away didn't stir, and things were generally perfect. I drank the better part of the (first) bottle of wine with dinner in twenty minutes give or take, and the rest of the evening was legend-wait for it-dairy. Happiest groom-to-be ever, right here :D

This is my fiance's picture of the ring. It really shows off the sparkle :D

Here's a side shot. There are 2 small black diamonds on either side of the center stone. LOVE IT.

I still plan on hanging on NEY though because you ladies are badass ;)
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