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hi ladies, sorry i forgot to include in the last post--

i had the coordinator decorate the chuppah. i just told her i wanted tulle and to make it look "flowy" :)

elaine - i'm at like 80% that i would recommend them. i would tell your friend to 1) make sure that she gives them a deadline date a couple months before her wedding. i had to keep on them constantly to make sure the dresses were on time. plus we had that whole fiasco of the "we'll try to get your dresses made on time" and
2) make sure that she specifies EVERY detail of the dress she wants made. i know it sounds stupid to have to dumb it down... but for my girls' dresses, i would have wanted the inner layer to be more loose (it was semi form fitting) and flowy, and i should have specified that i wanted the inner layer and the chiffon layer to be the same length (you can see in pics that they weren't. bleh).
also, have your friends' girls (or her) go to a tailor to get the measurements.  i think you have a better chance of it fitting better (my girls did not do that). also, i would put in the notes section their bra cup size, and see if they can adjust. my girls had... smaller than "normal" size, so their tops were all too big and they had to get them altered.

hpoe that helps!! :)

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