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Day of timeline

Hie ladies...so FI and I are tackling day of timeline. We knew what time we wanted dinner to start and we are kinda working backward from there to see what time the ceremony should start, and I think we are "okay" there, but we...well I am having a hard time deciding how long the girls and I need to get ready! I have 6 girls and I just have no clue how much time to budget for...the photographers will get there 2hrs before ceremony for some getting ready shots and also bridal party shots so HELP...
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Re: Day of timeline

  • It all kind of depends on how long your all your girls hairs are and how you want them done. And how many stylist you will have helping you. If you want an updo and they have medium/long length i'd schedule an hour to an hour in a half...schedule more time for yours and less if they just want their hair down or if they have short hair.   Hope that helps a little bit.  Just remember that not giving enough time for hair and makeup on the day of timeline is one of the most common mistakes brides make so it would be better to start getting ready to early rather than not enough time.
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  • I would allow for a lot of extra time for 'getting ready'. I was just in a wedding a few weeks ago. There were maybe 8 of us there total getting hair/make up done at a salon. So 4 went at 9 and the other 4 were scheduled for 10. I have long hair and I didnt finish until almost 1030. And the bride was STILL getting her hair done and still needed make up.

    Most salons say it is about 45 minutes to an hour for an updo but honestly I don't know if I have ever seen one done in that time limit for someone with longer hair; at least for myself anyways.
  • My salon scheduled 1 hour for hair dos.  My make-up lady is coming to my house and she told me half hour per face.  I would check with your vendors and see what they recommend!  For me my photographer recommended 1.5 hours of bride/bridesmaid/family before the wedding and 30 min for photos of guys before the ceremony.  So I will start getting into my gown at 11 am for pictures 11 am to 12:30.  Guys will have pictures at church from 12:45-1:15pm  Ceremony is at 2 pm

  • Tnx for all the suggestions ladies
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    I would talk with your photographer first. We meet with ours 45 days out for an in depth meeting where we come up with a schedule. From there I will be notifying the make up and hair people to get a better idea on what time they will be coming to start. I know for makeup bride takes up to one hour, and she said she would try to get the girls done in a half hour-45 min. The hair people have also said the same maybe close to one hour per person. Our ceremony is at 5pm, and FI and I will be doing a first look which means we will all probably need to be ready by 3pm. If this is the case our hair people will be sending an assistant to help out :) The idea of doing a day of schedule stresses me out a lil!!!!
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