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Decorating Question

I have been going through paint swatches trying to decide what colors we are going to paint in which rooms. It got me thinking, what colors do you guys have in your houses? Are your bedrooms all one color or is each one a different color? What about the hallways? I a just trying to decide what to do. So many choices. It is overwhelmlming.
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Re: Decorating Question

  • I did NOT choose the color of our living room... it's dark forest green on the bottom, white wainscoting then lighter green (clover?) on the top.  The dining room is a cappacino type of color, the kitchen is darker brown like hot chocolate.  2 of our bedrooms are neutral off whitey color that were here when H moved in 6 years ago.  Our guest room I painted a light mossy green.  Our only bathroom :( is a dark blue gray color. 
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  • Our living room/dining rooms were painted when we bought the house.  We really like the color, sort of a grey/tan.  Our kitchen has wallpaper.  Whoever thought that idea was good was stupid.  I'm not motivated enough to scrape it all off though.  Our downstairs bathroom we stripped the paper.  It has blue wainscotting on the bottom and a cancun yellow we painted on top.  The upstairs bathroom I painted a baby blue.  White wainscotting on the bottom.  I'd highly advise against this.  It looks like a baby nursery.  Our two bedrooms have ugly a$$ wallpaper.  One is a red, the other is a textured papertowel brown.  Again, I am lazy to update.  Our house is so old when we removed the paper in the bathroom it was a night mare.  The walls are the old horse hair plaster.  DH tried to "fix" the walls but didn't do the best job.  They probably need to be sheetrocked, but it's a big job.  We just deal with the dents and rough spots.  
  • The house we are buying is horse hair plaster too. It is in pretty good shape (for the most part). We were told you should try to paint it light colors because it hides the imperfections. Who knows.
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  • If we could paint iin the apartment I would totally do a turquoise or purple wall in the livig room.
  • Yeah Kerry, the cancun yellow is pretty light so you don't totally notice all the imperfections, but if you're looking you can still definitely see it.  
  • Our house is old 1912 and has those old plaster walls. We have a light green on the main floor and the upstairs hallway. Then the bedrooms are all a light yellow color called parchment and our bathroom is a dark bluegrey with white wainscoting on the bottom. I think the light colors hide the imperfections on the walls quite well. I am a fan of less variety in colors so it all ties together. But our house is very open concept so it would be weird to have different colors in the kitchen vs the dining room.
  • We didn't paint anything when we moved in b/c we liked the colors everything was.  Our dining room is a mid-dark blue, the office is a blue textured kind of effect with a darker blue and a lighter blue kinda sponged on top of each other.  One of the 'kids' rooms is a like greenish teal that we'll change some day, but while it's a spare room who really cares, right?  pretty much the rest of the house is a nice warm tan.  The rest of our color punches come from furniture and accents :-)
  • We rent so we didn't have a choice, but our walls are all a nice off white color that has some brown and yellow in it I think. We want to paint a few rooms but haven't decided yet what to paint them. I tend to like tans and browns since they are neutral so we would probably do some form of that
  • Our house is an open floor plan so the kitchen, dining room, living room, hallway and stair well are all like one big room so thankfully the guy before us had it painted like a light beige, I would prefer a tad bit darker beige but then again I dont feel like repainting 2/3 of my house at once. He actually had the whole house that color but we painted the three bedrooms different colors, one darker tan, one pale grey and one a medium greyish blue, and the one bathroom a pale blue

  • Downstairs:
    Entrance, LR (except one wall), staircase and upstairs hallway: light green
    4th wall in the LR: dark purple (undertones of brown)
    Stair risers and spindles: white
    Bannister: very dark purple
    DR: orange
    Powder Room: purple (same as LR)/upper half of wall; tan/beadboard
    Kitchen: gray (very subtle undertone of blue)

    BR #1 (was son's study/music room): 3 beige walls, one red wall
    BR #2 (son's BR): medium green
    BA #1 (son's BA): tannish beige (undertone of green)
    MBR: light blue
    MBA: not yet painted (waiting for reno)

    All rooms have off-white trim (each a different off-white). I hired a color consultant (Annie Elliott), who chose all colors except kitchen and DR.  Check out her website: www.bossycolor.com.

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