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Hello everybody!

So we live in Greece but we'll have guests from Italy, Switzerland and Sweden. Since they will fly in one day before the wedding and leave probably one day after, are we supposed to pay a hotel for them for all the period they will stay in our country? I am asking cause a decent looking hotel here is about 100 euros (120 $) and with 10 rooms that I would need to pay, it's pretty expensive (for 2 nights it would be 2000 euros, if they stay 3 nights it's 3000 euros). Still, I find it completely rude to expect them to fly in to be with me and tell them "deal also with the expenses of the hotel".
Any advice, please?

Re: Hotel for guests from another country

  • Well, first, it's an invitation, not a summons, the guests can decide if the costs are too high..
    Second, guests assume the cost of travel is theirs when they accept an out of state/country invitation. 

    So, honestly, I wouldn't worry about it.  Now, if your Grandma calls and says she can't come because she can't afford it, then you can cover her costs if you wish, but I certainly wouldn't cover the rest of the guests.
  • Thanks for the fast reply!
    The guests are not relatives, just friends. In the past, we hosted them in our house when they came for summer holidays, but now the house will be filled with relatives.
  • I think inviting them down for summer holidays brings different etiquette expectations than inviting them for a wedding.

    You're OK not covering the hotel rooms.
  • Ditto aMrs.  It's not your responsibility to pay.
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  • Thank you for your help!
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