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March 2011 Weddings

Airbrush v Traditional Makeup?

Any opinions on airbrush or traditional make-up for the wedding day?



Re: Airbrush v Traditional Makeup?

  • I am doing airbrush :)  If you can't pick, have them do one side airbrush and other side regular for your trial.
  • I have heard by numerous makeup specialists that I've called, they say that airbrush is better.  They say that they put less makeup on with airbrush then you do with traditional.  I've also heard a makeup artist say this on Wedding Day Makeover on TLC.
    Hope this helps you decide.  I'm doing traditional because I can't afford to have my makeup done for me.
    Goodluck with your trial!!!!
  • I am just doing traditional make up. Let us know what route you go.
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  • Haven't decided anything about makeup yet.  My FI's aunt is an amazing makeup artist, she works in NYC with celebrities like Halle Barry, etc.  She's doing it, so I'll let her choose which products, since I suck at all things makeup related.  She's flying down prior to the wedding so my make up trial will likely be the week before the wedding. lol

    So I don't know much.  But I have heard that airbrush makeup is good.  When you do traditional makeup you have to be careful which foundation you choose--some don't photograph well and leave you looking pale/ghostlike when the photo flash goes off.  
  • I've heard really good things about airbrush makeup, we just don't have a ton of options for it in my small-ish town that aren't like...insanely expensive (you'd think there'd be more demand given the amount of celebrities that live here, but apparently not).   I know a couple of traditional makeup artists, so I will probably just have one of them do my makeup.  If you go with airbrush, I'd love to see pics! 
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  • I actually have my own airbrush machine and I love the way it makes my skin look and feel -- it's SUPER light.  I definitely plan to ask my local day-of makeup artist for recommendations since the climate in Hawaii is so different, but if she's indifferent, I will be going with airbrush.
  • My MUA is using airbrush on me. I have had her do both though and loved both just the same.
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  • I'd like to see pics from your trial when you go.  I think it would be nice if we all shared pics of our trials with everyone.  I like to see all of the different makeup jobs and hairdos.
  • Denise we always share pics. I personally dont care for NO pics when sharing things ;)  I love to see things. If you say I did THIS, then I want to see it. :)  haha.  I will post pics in January of my trial that is for sure!!
  • I did airbrush for my trial (unforuntely I'm at work so I don't have access to the close ups of my face) and I loved it. It was very light and covered well. I had it done at 7am and it lasted with out being shiny or messed up through my e-pics at 530 and into the night. I absolutely loved it!
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  • Airbrush lasts longer, looks really good on camera.
    The downfall is in person, it does rest in any creases ( wrinkles) and looks more "done"

    I've had both done, I prefer traditional as long as the person is really good and knows how to make it last :)

  • Wow - lots of opinions. I was leaning towards airbrush ... so much to think about. Thanks everyone! :)


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