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I just know it...

I am having some SERIOUS nightmares about my wedding. My brain's telling me that I'm forgetting something...I just know it.

Last nights dream: The tables werent set up (we're getting married with our guests seated at their tables), so we had to get married in a different room- where I was standing in front of FI and realized I only had one sentence of my vows written and I had to make up the rest. Then when I walked back into the reception area, there was an ugly old recliner and 7 tables set up with no tablecloths. I started screaming at the caterer "DIDN'T I TELL YOU 170 PEOPLE? I NEED 17 TABLES, NOT 7!"

If FI doesn't kill be before this wedding...My dreams will. Ugh

Is anyone else having this problem or were you all smart enough to hire a wedding planner? Frown


Re: I just know it...

  • Girl, I have nightmares just about EVERY night!!!

    Not enough food, my dress looks like one of those hideous things from the 70's (with the poofy arms) my hair is a mess, my bridesmaids dresses are like the puffy dresses from Friends (When Rachel looks like a big piece of bubble gun ::HEHE::)

    So, I know how you feel... I don't know how my FI is dealing with me now... But I also didn't hire a DOC, but I am a perfectionist, and I know that my stress is just showing more now then before, because I have 37 days left...

    Everything will be fine :) And your wedding will be beautiful!! And I'm sure that I am not the only one that is having nightmares :)
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  • "But I also didn't hire a DOC, but I am a perfectionist"

    --Me too!!! That's why I refused to get a Planner. I was afraid we'd bump heads. HAHA
  • LOL... I know me too... I have a vision... And I just didn't think the the DOC would be able to get in my head and see it! LOL...

    Glad I'm not the only perfectionist!
    Everyday is a miracle. Anniversary
  • I'm having dreams and I have a hard time falling asleep because I have so much going though my mind about what I need to do.  I'm having my mom set up so that's really worrying me but I can't afford a doc.
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  • I'm the same way. a DOC would just get in my way! Lol. I'm actually having a hard time letting someone else plan my rehearsal dinner, and shower. I'm such a micromanager!!! I'm trying really hard not to butt in, and of course they are both surprises apparently. MIL doesn't want to show us anything for the RD, it's going to be all her.....*warning bells* Oh well, it's the thought that counts.

    I am, however, planning my own bachelorette :)
  • My nightmares have been much less dramatic than yours!  I didn't hire any vendors at I have to do it all as well and we are getting married with all our guests seated at their tables so I know where you're coming from with freaking out about the tables! 
    Just remember it's only a dream and it will all be fine on that day..even if things don't go exactly as planned as long as at the end of the day you're together, that's all that really matters in the end.
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  • I had a nightmare last night too and it was SO real!

    Here goes:

    The ceremony didn't start until 4:00pm, the same time as the cocktail hour.  So I'm walking down the aisle and my Dad is smiling at me...FROM THE PEWS!!  And I'm sad because he has no idea he supposed to be by my side.  I get to the altar, and it's my grade school priest--Father Lovely, who my Dad always called Father MUMBLY because he mumbled through mass and you couldn't ever understand him.  He was old 20 years ago, so he was ancient in my dream!

    When the ceremony was over, we weren't really married because Father Lovely did something wrong!  Everyone was on their way home because apparently the food had been served at the reception and was sitting out too long.  I then had to facebook and text people to return for our DO-OVER ceremony...

    Ugh!  My FI has confirmed that I am nuts, he just suspected I was these past 8 years. :)

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  • HAHAH What a dream! I love it and I am sooooo glad I'm not the only one. I had an awful night last night. These posts made me laugh this morning.

    THanks girls!
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