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Travel tips

Hi everyone!

We are going to India (Chandigarh) on March 6th, our wedding is the 12th.  I have not been to India yet (my fiance and I both live here, and I am not Indian, so have never been).

I am so excited for everything, but very nervous too!  Does anyone have any tips for when I am there?  I would love any advice- from things I might want to bring for my wedding from the U.S., to traveling tips in general.  For example:  I am assuming my hair straightener and hair dryer will not work there.  What do I need to make it work, and can I get that here?

My fiance's sisters have been wonderful in helping answer questions, but they have not been outside of India.  I would love some advice from someone who has traveled there from here.

Thank you so much!


Re: Travel tips

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    A converter will let you use pretty much any electrical stuff-you can get that at Target.  But just be prepared-it still may not work.  A cousin of mine took her dryer with a converter-and there was too much voltage going through so it fried the dryer!
    Make sure you drink lots of boiled water-they will be stuffing your mouth everytime you turn around.  It is a common custom to touch the feet of elders after teh ceremony.  I am sure there are things the other ladies will chime in.  But most importantly-I think s to have funa nd enjoy yourself.  Take a monent every now and then to just take it all in.  It goes by so fast!
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    You might just want to buy a dryer there so that you don't have to worry about it.  Your straightener probably won't work and if it does, there is a high chance of it crapping out so don't take the chance, especially if it is expensive.  You might be able to get on there as well.  For the wedding events, I'm assuming you'll be getting hair/makeup done there so hopefully it won't be an issue!  Another thing I always bring when I go to India is toilet paper.  I know you can get it there but it's better to be safe... nothing wrong with taking a few rolls.  

    Same as pp, make sure you drink bottled water and if you're used to indian food, then great!  But if not, feel free to take some granola bars, etc.  Sometimes too much indian food can be taxing on the stomach, especially if you're not used to it and you'll be getting fed a lot of snacks and sweets.  I think that's all... enjoy yourself.  Chandigarh is beautiful!  We were deciding between Chandigarh and Chicago for the wedding and Chicago won!
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    I just moved to New Delhi a week ago.  Feel free to email me with any questions
    [email protected]
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    One word: Pepto.  Take as much as possible with you.  My entire family as well as FI went a few months back and by the end of the trip we had all needed it at some point but they don't sell it in Ahmedabad, which is a smaller city.  Otherwise, I agree with everything pps have said.  Take some antibacterial hand wipes as well as a pair of flip flops you don't mind getting crapped up. 

    I think the only other thing I would recommend is taking the makeup you want used on your wedding day.  Indian makeup artists are known for trying to make the skin a different color than it is - usually lighter.  This was an issue for my cousin's wife at their wedding and it can make the pictures look a bit wierd. 

    Lastly, don't pack anything valuable in your checked luggage.  It will guaranteed get stolen.  I know that's common sense but even if you put a luggage lock on your bags, just don't put anything expensive in it. 
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    baby wipes or some kind of scented wipes for the bathroom, I like those bec they fit in purses unlike a huge tiolet paper roll and if the bathroom stinks you can hold it up to your nose so you can breate that and use it to wipe after...

    if you are particualr about your shampoo/conditioner I would buy it from here.

    bring vasaline for your feet so they stay soft...everyone there has rough heels from the dirt and stuff....

    hope that helps, good luck!
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    oh yeah and imodium bring that for sure!

    also going shopping for wedding stuff, the way it works there is they show you stuff and you sit there, make sure its what you want, if you don't like it don'g buy it, of course they will tell you it will be gona bla bla bla...and they will tell you everything looks good, if you dont like it just say no...

    any snacks in packs that you can take, you will want some american food after a while

    tioliet paper if you want it instead of the wipes I  suggested-I would bring a roll I guess just in case.
    toothpaste if you are picky about your toothpaste and need a particular brand
    hair products
    so basically toiletries and you can just leave the toiletries there so you dont have to carry it back  but if you are picky about certian brands that you like or if you are allergic to stuff  you should buy it from here bec they dont have everything we do...
    a light  scarf or two to protect your  face due to the dust,
    shoes you dont care about getting dirty or ruining,
    ok thats all I can think of...

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    CIPRO!!!  it will save you.
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